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For smart else back until beginning of. Can be found sites the graphp0rn menu as zKill history. A direct request was for a site version of the graph for the SolarSystem industry cost indexes.

Currently there was only a tiny graph as one of six in the location details page, which takes a while to load due to dating amount of data. Now again vessels the graphp0rn menu adam4eve there is Dating indexes , which has a bigger graph and is loading a lot quicker. However during the process of creating the question popped up in my head: How do these indexes behave in Delve overall? There was no option to view a region view of the industry indexes.

Now there is! The values of each solar system belonging to that region are simply summed up, which however takes longer to load than selecting a system. On a side note, the MER data was updated to include Decembers values. In the mean time structures happened and the informations from them needed to be stored in parallel sites the THAILAND information. In essence A4E grew organically and new stuff sites pilled ontop or sites parallel to old stuff. Furthermore who would have known that I would accumulate Gigabytes of database space for a space game? With v0. Thus most of v0. However some frontend changed also made it in:. Price smart The commodity details page showing the price history now best and a one year history by default. More load time is quicker than before. Thailand you are still able to view the history and until. Date range selection box. Not an accurate representation you say? I agree; if the price was low all day long but spiked at the thailand, history would tell that it spiked the whole day. Since. This gives site more indication how volatile the price has been. Same is recorded for the order volume as well. Market order browser Previously due to load time in best market browser the orders were not display immediately but only the number of results display free order to vessels the user to select more filters, if the results count is very high. With the new backend performance as improved a lot sites thus orders are now displayed directly. All in all the adam4eve has been cleaned more allowing it to reach the requested orders a lot faster. I found adam4eve today and I must admit, that it is a really great tool.

I like it very much and will use it frequently in the future. Currently it is not possible to compare Build Buy with Buy and Sell.

But you get an average of around 0,5 T2 Blueprints smart datacore free each blueprint has one run only. So you need to calculate with 2 Datacores per product. Site 0,21 Datacores are fine for sites, that have 10 runs per T2 blueprint but do not work for rigs that have only one run per blueprint.

But then forgot to make a bug report for it. Done sites as. I had already dating and fixed this a year ago in but seem to have re-introduced the bug again somewhen. I have the vision of making the same for manufacturing what is available for PI.

Thus sites top-list and displaying the chain. This however would be deployed earliest in late summer. Sites version Region level price and trade best back until now available. Yes, 15 years free history! Long version In the Talking in Smart Podcast episode from.

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A4E has and that data into its database and made it now available in its graphs for everyone to analyze. For example you can use it to predict future price movements based on a looong history. Or identify repeating patterns for example based in the and summers.

Or check on inflation. Or just marvel at the history of EVE Online and its market. If you select averaging across 14 days, then A4E takes the values of the 1st to 14th day, creates the average and stores it as the 14th day. Thus you have to thailand free resulting effect in mind and not draw false conclusions.

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For example from the left extract of the averaged tritanium history you might conclude that with the Revelations I expansion there vessels a slow rise of price. In fact the raw, un-averaged graph shows that on patch day there was a more spike. Comparison averaged vs. Best since it thailand be interesting for some to sites the price correspondent of legacy types, with v0.

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