Adrian Fox set to wed a 24-year-old American girl

51 year old Adrian Fox set to get wed a 21 year olf American gal. Is she an agent?

BP Breaking| Money could buy anything these days even love.

BP is reporting near granddaddy number boss, Adrian Fox, now 51-years-old is about to tie the knot with his young 24-year- old American sweetheart!

Last evening the couple got engaged in opulance with all the gambling people losses (lolol). Again BP was not invited…but we were there.

Sebas Bastain the brainchild behind Fox operations was on hand to congratulate the couple; announcing to all the Bahamian sex gymnists that “Fox is officially off the market!”

Some friends say Fox plans to marry and move quietly into the US with his new bride.

We shall see how this works.

We report yinner decide!