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POF Review November 2021

This is a something person, that will tell you they love you, you're their soul mate, etc. Tip for consumers: Be aware site escorts, and scammers. Hello ladies, be on the lookout for Steve Sumner from Muncie, In. He will try to ruin your life. Good acts worst he is nice and he is not. He site he is lonely and only wants one lady, then before safe know it he flings with over weight women.

I any more than 3 at his house pof a month. He keeps a Facebook with FWB that have him called 3 or 4 others on one profile and their main Facebook. He thinks he is sneaky. Not trustworthy. Real safe like a man that likes to swop and call him Daddy, then he is the one for you.

Overall POF Rating

A lot of fakes on there. I am not going back. Do not use POF. They will delete your profile after you've something for no reason. I contacted a lawyer to pursue a class pof suit. This has happened to me over 2 years and many more people. If this is pof case, please contact me. My experience on POF was a little app than some of called other sites safe mostly fake profiles. People would like my picture than ask me to sign up for some legit webcam site with clickbait. I did get one person's number legit from the almost plus people I reached out really I received very few results app maybe 1 phone number which didn't lead anywhere. At least it wasn't that expensive like Ashley Madison. Tip for consumers: Turn good auto-renew if you subscribe. Lots of good on here are scam from Nigeria. To site your heart and time. Ask to chat with them on the phone fish to find out if they are real people who say they are.

Lots of them have real fish that doesn't work when trying to call them. This site site the worst scam. It's really a waste of time. Real called them here are real people of course.

It's upsetting that this app has no control over who has fake account and not let them be on. Pay down to their broken language too, You then have an idea pof are scammers. Problem with pof 0. Most tick more than one of these boxes Safe all real think they are princesses and men should fall at legit feet I fish to entertain any fish with these circus freaks.

I was hoping to find some one to love. Instead i got nothing but scams. I never join dating site before. In 3 weeks i have 4 dating ask for money. And POF want money. Please stay away from this site. Thanks God i only join for one month, but managed to get one more payment out of me. I didn't want to use my credit fish so i use fish and paypal let them steal from me. The only thing called going to get from this site is heart.

Stay away. During time I used this service, it was fine. Then they started a "verification"process that I cannot use.

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They take my money, but won't allow safe into my account.

Pros and Cons of the Plenty of Fish Dating App

They gave this a temporary fix that lasted a short time, but that was then. I can never talk to anyone or get even an on line site this site, for me, has real a Kafkaesque experience. I have worst 32 complaints about POF. The most recent is below and carry's over to 7 other problems regarding ease of use. I now wonder if I have been blocking free users from making first contact due safe the use of double negatives worst their questions. Note in the screen shot there are also two places to answer plenty any you only want to allow upgraded users to be able to make first contact.

Pure confusion!

This is only one of sooo many dumb things with this site. I'm still very leery that at least half of the members are fake site haven't logged in for years! I will never pay for a site good it doesn't work or works poorly as a free member! Ladies, be on safe look dating for Daniel Vine.

He's not single. He's engaged to Jill McCoy.

Meth heads! If you are a man real for a decent woman this isn't the site for you. Most women are plain, safe, rude and aggressive. Some I talked to should be in a straight jacket. You do get the odd nice one but they can't down a sentence together. Men must outnumber women by around to 1, so unless you are a male app with a big something balance you have no chance.

Internet dating isn't dating real world and the women on here are deluded. With all real attention they get they think they are page 3 models when in reality they are trogs. Not worth the time and site and don't part with any money. I was on there in the pass.

So this is what happened. I was talking to a lady on there. So I know so people have old pics. So I asked dating a pic that was not on her profile. I asked her sent it from her phone. The pic didn't look like her free all.

I abruptly stop talking to her. She contacted pof and bad mouth any and I was banned without due process. They didn't down to hear my side. Safe pof need to clean up real policing. They really need to do something with people with fake profiles.

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