Major inside robbery of some $126,000 from the Island Luck Grand Bahama branch!


Number King Sebas increased the thief salary to $1,000 a week and also paid for his kidney surgery!

Island Luck CEO and numbers king Sebas Bastian

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Police have detained an employee of Island Luck gaming operation after some $126,000 was said to have been stolen from the Eight Mile Rock operation.

The person of interest told police he was robbed, but, after serious gestapo intimidation tactics by an investigative officer of the CDU Branch, the staffer confessed to his crimes and led police to the stash.

The staffer, who was once a former bartender at the Our Lucayan Resort, was web operators Adrian Fox and Sebas Bastian’s right hand in the northern Bahamas. 

This allegedly took place on Christmas Eve. 

The ex-bartender, after admitting to the crime, led police to the home of his cousin where much of the funds were kept. Both of then were working together, conspiring to take off with the money.

Now the ex-bartender – now criminal – is the boyfriend of a beautiful night nurse in the Covid Clinic of South Beach. She was not in Grand Bahama as she is all about saving lives and rescuing the sick. 

Sadly, number king Sebas was extremely good to the thief, increasing his salary to some $1,000 a week. Sebas also recently paid for his kidney operation which was scheduled for this January.

Now the employee, along with his crooked cousin, will be charged in the courts on Tuesday morning for stealing by reason of employment.

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