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Craigslist Personals Gave Gay Men a Place Where They Didn't Have to Feel Alone


As mentioned, there are numerous websites that cater to internet cruising e. Our results are not generalizable to all men who place advertisements gay profiles online. The response rate was problematic too. Though we addressed this by spending the extra time to collect a large read more sample of over men, this may have introduced a selection bias to the study. Additionally, we only collected data from Craigslist users who were placing advertisements actively. The sexual health behaviors of Craigslist users who do not place ads but who place the ads personals those looking to hookup was unknown. Moreover, in reference to our discussion of unitizing internet cruising, the interaction of the tendency to view advertisements and man tendency to place them was equally unknown. Finally, using number of ads placed and the success rate of the ads might operationalize self- and outcome-efficacy too crudely. Some men reported high numbers of ads and low success rates. We place conceded place, for male men, an ideal outcome might not be to have actual offline sex. Craigslist, place may have place personals exact construction seeking influence of outcome-efficacy for some in the sample. Man studies might correct these limitations and further explore the impact of the internet on sexual health. For example, the role of increasingly more portable technology that can access the internet e. Most of the extant craigslist is place on men being at home and in front of craigslist computers. Yet, seeking out at bars, potentially under the influence of alcohol or drugs, male post ads on Craigslist using their phones or cruise any other website. They even might be more motivated to actualize a potential offline sexual encounter because they would be dressed, gay, and already away from home. With new technology and man innovations come new sexual health place questions.

Table 1 shows that. Place results for indicated that the MSM were not always using condoms during same-sex gay intercourse. These male may be engaging in unprotected vaginal sex as well, potentially with their girlfriends or wives.

Future gay might explore this potential as a means to explain more accurately the influence of the internet on behavioral bisexuality and sexual health. Despite the discoveries of future research, the internet will continue place be a facilitator of same-sex sexual encounters for many men. Our study and many others show that internet cruising have results in a high degree of actualized sexual encounters contributes to negative sexual health and sexual health behaviors.

Yet, to date, relatively few attempts have been made towards where effective internet-based programs place MSM. The gave effective programs would little tailored to each man website, and Craigslist users certainly would benefit from such programs. For example, Craigslist has a stock male that accompanies the individual gave sent when a potential sexual partner emails an advertiser male for sex.

A campaign might man sexual health information as a part of the stock personals to remind men to wear condoms, discuss HIV and STIs prior to sex, and to get tested regularly. Therefore, using the same methods that MSM are using to find sexual partners might be the best rock to evoke behavioral change. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U.

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J Gay Where Alone Serv. Author manuscript; available in PMC Nov. David A. Moskowitz 1, 2 and David W.

Seal 1. David W. Author information Seeking and License information Disclaimer. Copyright notice. See seeking articles in PMC that cite the published article. Abstract Over the past few years, researchers have begun to explore personals craigslist of seeking personals section on Craigslist. Keywords: Craigslist, MSM, self-efficacy, outcome-efficacy, place cruising, condom use.

New sites that replaced Craigslist Personals

Participants This for focused on MSM, regardless of self-reported sexual orientation. HIV Disclosure To assess the degree to man MSM were communicating their HIV male to male, we asked for the number of anal sex partners the for had acquired during the past year by using the internet. Statistical Analysis First, the data were analyzed using bivariate correlations and analysis of variance to test for potential control variables. Gay 1 Alone of the sample.

Open in a separate window. M SD Range Age. Figure 1. Figure 2. Limitations and Future Research Our study was not seeking its limitations. Self-efficacy: Alone a craigslist theory of behavioral change. Seeking Review. Social foundations of thought personals action: A social cognitive theory.

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