NIB Chairman sits up in Island Luck Prince Charles while the unemployed cannot get their benefits!

Troy Smith new NIB Chairman.

NASSAU| The cheques and bank transfers for Unemployment Benefits are still on the desk of the NIB Director Desk waiting to be signed-off on.

ISLAND Pay issued a statement saying they have yet to receive any money to pay unemployment benefits. WHO IS ISLAND PAY? And how they got in our business to circulate millions which is the function of NIB?

But while the Director was not in office on Monday, and who knows where, the Chairman of NIB Troy Smith is also missing in action while hundreds cannot get paid NIB unemployment payments and mama dem cannot get verified! What is this?

Bahamas Press has spotted the Chairman of NIB sitting up in Island Luck Prince Charles spinning away while the unemployed suffers! WHAT IS THIS?!

And if that wasn’t enough, while the NIB Chairman Smith is in Island Luck, his wife Jill Smith is cruising around town in her husband NIB issued vehicle doing her own business! WHAT ABUSE!

Bahamas Press is urging the NIB Chairman Smith to get his (you know what we want to say) out of the gambling house, borrow his taxpayers car from his wife, and carry his lazy (BLANK BLANK) to NIB to release the cheques for the unemployed! What kinda foolishness is this going on at NIB under Minnis Regime?!

Get the PEOPLE dey DAMN MONEY!!!

We report yinner decide!

ISLAND Pay say dey ain’t Gats No Money to Pay… It goes downhill from here! ☝? The Minnis Government found money to promote police twice in one year! Dey ga need dem! TRUST ME….