Oh Sam By ‘DAM’ No Good Sam!


<<< Sam “Sister Nature” Duncombe.

BP was listening to the wonderful new ‘Immediate Response’ show with Krissy Love on 1540AM early this morning and was tickled by the fact that Sam “Sister Nature” Duncombe, another ‘Environmental Political Hack’, could find her tongue to talk about the BP’s [British Petroleum] oil spill in the Gulf.

We are all saddened by the fact that oil is pumping into the Gulf killing off all the marine animals in that area. The oil company, we all believe should pay and the ultimate price, which should be a global shutdown of all its supply stations around the world. That will not happen.

But what surprised us was Sam’s new found voice back on the national airways after an almost three year hiatus. You would remember, “Sister Nature” was the voice to say no to LNG. She then believed liquefied gas was not environmentally friendly. We also know she believes oil and the drilling for oil is equally not good.

But what gets us with Sister Nature is the fact that she is beating up her gum on a matter we have no control over, which is occurring miles away from the Bahamas. How is it Sam’s eyes can be so open to matters happening in the Gulf, but are shut tight to environmental issues happening right here in her own back yard?

Items like the SLAUGHTER of acres of trees right now being chopped down and burned for coal to be exported to Haiti and sold locally. Those trees we speak of are being chopped right in the South Western section of New Providence where recently, a Haitian woman was killed when a tree being cut fell on her head killing her dead. Bahamas Press reported these incidents occurring long before the woman died, but where was Sam?

Could someone tell us where was Sam’s voice when this WICKED FNM government decided to remove every living tree and natural vegetation off Arawak Cay to accommodate the new port construction for 19 wealthy families in the country?

Can anyone tell us why Sam didn’t join the families in the Saunders Beach area when their shade trees were all slaughtered right before the public eyes?

Perhaps Sam could tell us where was that voice of nature when turtles were left wandering in the streets near Saunders Beach and crushed in the road by passing cars?

Where was “Sister Nature’s” voice when the beaches in that area became harden rock due to the mile long extension at Arawak Cay where no environmental assessment was ever carried out to determine the impact of such construction.

Sam has proven to us at BP that her voice can be bought, paid for, prostituted and hushed when hired. In fact we know when the harbour was being dredged she looked out of her offices in the Docken Dale House as she was paid as a consultant to the FNM government on environmental matters. Hmmmmmm!

We are saddened when we see people who once possessed the passion and zeal to speak to power square in the eye,now turn political pawns and prostitutes for their own selfish gain. The earth needs a voice. It needs a fighting voice that is consistent and unflinching. The Bahamas needs a voice for the environmental disasters occurring in its own back yard.

The last thing we need is a SPIN DOCTOR, Deflectors, Political Hacks and Prostitutes to be playing games with us. The last thing we need is another hired gun pretending to be one thing; raising cane about incidents miles away to stir fear in people over nothing happening in the Bahamas. Meanwhile right here in the country incident after incident is damaging the environment right here at home.

And the country needs a voice to protect us from the mongrels now in charge. The Bahamas needs a real voice for the environment and not another ‘DAM’ prostitute. Sam Duncombe you have no shame! You’ve been most neglectful to the issues right in your backyard and the scores of environment foundations around the world needs to know this.



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