Perry Christie and Dr. Hubert Minnis comply with the Law of The Public Disclosure Act 1976…Branville McCartney didn’t in 2012!


DNA Leader did not Disclose as required by Law! – Failing to comply with the LAW IS BREAKING THE LAW!

Leader of the DNA Branville McCartney must explain why he failed to disclosed when he sat as an MP...

Why is Branville McCartney debating on an issue he, too, is guilty of?

Nassau, Bahamas — Despite numerous requests and reminders sent to present and former Members of Parliament, Bahamas Press can confirm that a number of Parliamentarians have failed to comply with the law.

What is reprehensible is the fact that, after coming on the news and suggesting that there should be consequences for those failing to file their declarations, we can report DNA Leader Branville McCartney falls in the group of “Law Breakers” who can be fined for failing to comply in 2012.

Sensitive information shown to Bahamas Press proves that the top leaders of the Progressive Liberal Party and Free National Movement have shown exemplary leadership when following the law. Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie and Dr. Hubert A. Minnis submitted their declarations to the Commission. However, why others have failed to follow suit is serious and they should be made to feel the consequences.

Parliamentarians are not complying with the laws they made and one must question what kind of leadership is being shown by their defiance.

Even aspiring leaders like the Leader of the DNA have FAILED TO DISCLOSED TO THE COMMISSION.

In a press statement issued to the public from the Leader of the Democratic National Alliance, Branville McCartney, on May 21, 2014 he had this to say:

“Does this sound like the actions of a government deserving of the public’s trust? Certainly not! Further lending to the obvious moral deficit of this Christie led administration has been the failure of members of this government to continuously declare their assets.

“Despite calls from the DNA that Members of Parliament adhere to the rule of law as it relates to The Public Disclosures Act, politicians on both sides of the political divide have yet to do so. What do they have to hide?”

Branville McCartney, the Leader of the DNA, is once again becoming a stranger to the truth!

Bahamas Press has been shown a copy of those who have failed to declare to the Disclosure Commission since 2012 and big as billy goat – guess who heads the list? Branville McCartney himself!

Bahamas Press is not shocked or dismayed though – the sounding brass and tinkling symbol of the green man cannot be serious.

Either he is not writing what is being said from his party and or he is leading them down another deceptive road!

This is not the first time Bahamas Press has caught the people in Green in a BIG DUTTY LIE! And it is not the second time either!

We call on the leader of the DNA to refute the fact that he himself failed to declare when sitting as an MP in the Parliament of the Bahamas despite the many requests to comply with the law. That request to disclose was also reinforced by then Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham at the time when McCartney attempted to deceive Parliament in 2011.

We also ask Mr. McCartney to make representation to the Commissioner to provide him with the details where he had indeed submitted such documents…

The silence will be deafening!

It’s Time for the Leader of the DNA to come CLEAN with the Bahamian people and speak the truth!!!

We report yinner decide!