Politician gets newborn as father’s day gift from sweetheart! Wife and side ‘honey’ reporter mad…


House of Assembly

Secretary and Radio Reporter set to leave Politician who has a newborn just in time for Father’s Day

Nassau, Bahamas — Trouble is brewing today in a political family here in the capital as an MP has fathered a child out of wedlock.

Sources tell us the young woman conceived sometime in September last year when the politician hid away with the young mother on a Florida weekend in West Palm Beach.

Sources also tell us, the politician is also the sweetie of young ‘yellow brigade’ reporter who works for a radio station here in the capital.

BP agents report the politician is finding it difficult to explain to his wife the developments and is wondering how it is that the young sweetie got pregnant after just two moments of wild rendezvous and one hot weekend together.

The politician represents constituents in a New Providence seat and is now concerned as to how he will explain the newborn to a secretary he also sees, who has desired a child from him for five years now.

The MP apparently told the secretary that having a child out of wedlock impossible. But now look what has happened…

Friends close to the secretary tell us she could resign any day now upon hearing the news as she and the new mother were onetime exercising buddies.

Boy I tell ya, “If ya don’t laugh you will cry”.

Happy Father’s Day.

We report yinner decide…