Two Men are dead following Haitian Gang Violence on Grand Bahama…Murder count now 123 since 2009


Freeport, Grand Bahama – While we were monitoring protests in Jamaica over the extradition of that island’s drug kingpin, Christopher Dodus Coke, to the American government, violence erupted in Grand Bahama.

Bahamas Press sources on Grand Bahama now confirms a Zoe Pound gang war have erupted in the nation’s second city. The Haitian are taking over; reeking havoc in that community and destabilizing the peace in Freeport. But here’s what we know.

Two Bahamian males of Haitian decent and members of the organize gang (believed to be in their 30s) were ambushed in a van sometime after six this morning, in the Pinta Avenue, South Bahamia area of Freeport. This shooting, sources on the ground tell us is believed to be connected with a recent killing on the island.

Both males are believe to be part of an organized Haitian, Bahamian & US drug gang called ZOE POUND registered in Freeport; who are fighting for supremacy and turf. The two men, who are yet to be identified by authorities, are also believed to be deportees from the US.

Eyewitnesses at the scene of the incident say the attackers jumped out of their vehicle like Rwandan Style gangsters and opened fire on the van using high-powered war killing A-K 47 weapons. The eyewitnesses also told us the men riddled the vehicle of the occupants killing the driver while the second occupant died later in hospital.

Correspondents out of Haiti tell us, the incident is believed to be an ordered killing out of the Zoe Pound headquarters on that Caribbean island. The leader of that gang we are also told travels back and forth to the Mud and Pigeon Pea settlements in Abaco, which is represented in Parliament by Hubert ‘Papa Doc’ Ingraham.

Our correspondents also suggest a multi-million dollar reward is believed to have been set for several heads in the Bahamian capital. Police in New Providence are said to be on a code red high alert following the incidents, placing all national security systems on standby.

Police have yet to report the incident. WE NEED CHANGE!


  1. After BP broke this shocking story finally THE WUTLESS POLICE in this town has sent a statement to members of the press on this incident, which occurred almost 12 hours before. BOY we need change in this town. Bahamas Press was never included in the police circular sent to members of the media minutes after we published our story. WE HAVE SOME WORDS FOR MR. GREENSLADE….

    Police STATEMENT issued after BP story:

    Good Afternoon to ALL


    This afternoon, Sunday 23rd May, 2010, officers from the Detective Unit, Scenes of Crime and Uniformed officers have all combined their efforts in the investigations of a double homicide that occurred at approximately 6:00am this morning, Sunday 23rd May, 2010. It was about 6:05am when the police were notified that numerous gunshots were heard in the Pinta Avenue area of South Bahamia near the Hampton Apartments. On the arival of the police officers, they discovered a dark blue Ford Expedition SUV parked at the entrance gate to Hampton Apartments with the engine running. The officers also noted that a black male was sitting motionless in the driver’s sear with multiple gunshot wounds bout the body and a second black male lying on the ground near the rear passenger door which was open. The male found outside the vehicle was transported to the Accident & Emergency Section of the Rand Memorial Hospital where he died shortly after at approximately 8:25am. The body of the driver who died at the scene was transported to the Morgue at the named Hospital. The investigators also discovered that gunshots had damaged several apartments at the named Apartment Complex and also a vehicle. Both deceased men were residents of the Apartment Complex and their exact is not known but it is believed that they are in their late thirties – early forties. The Identifications will be release pending notification of next of kin and on Tuesday 25th May, 2010, the autopsy on both deceased men will be performed. The exact motive for the death of the men is not known at this time but the Police are following some leads into this latest incident. However, the Police is appealing to neighbors or other persons who were in the area this morning when this incident occurred to call in at 350-3107/8, 352-9774/5 or 911 in lend assistance through the giving of information that would allow the investigators to bring closure to this matter. THIS SHOOTING INCIDENT THIS MORNING IS BEING CLASSIFIED AS HOMICIDES #4 & #5 – (DOUBLE HOMICIDE) for the Island of Grand Bahama FOR THE YEAR, 2010.

    Please note that prior to the shooting incident this morning, there were three deaths classified as Homicides for Grand Bahama for 2010 but the matter involving the deceased – Dennis Louis whose body was found burnt in the Deadmans’ Reef (West Grand Bahama) area is still outstanding. (Please refer to your email – press release for details). We (the Police) are taking this opportunity to make an appeal for anyone with information that would advance the investigations into this homicide to call the numbers as indicated above.

    ASP Mackey

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