Why is there not a chanting of support by Cabinet on the Minister of Immigration’s ”Bahamians First Policy”?


Atlantis cries to the New York Times against new Immigration policy – Boy, we want see them try lift that property out of Paradise Island –

Minister for Immigration Fred Mitchell

This is the Bahamas and Bahamians must be given a chance to work in their own country!

Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamas Press unequivocally and without dispute supports the decision by Minister of Immigration to put Bahamians First and create 10,000 new jobs for Bahamians.

As we wrote this week, one year later and little has been done to show up the ground and make certain Bahamians return back to work.

Right now one year later and hotel properties like Atlantis still backside-raping Bahamians telling the Immigration Dept. that they need 300 plus workers and how they cannot find one Bahamian out of the 33% of young unemployed Bahamians under  25yrs, who are now sitting home boiling Chinese noodles.

Right now thousands of Chinese, European, Australians and everyone else created in the earth are working at Baha Mar while the few Bahamians workers are being sent home.

Top man at Atlantis George Markantonis is said to be deeply upset with Bahamians and can began firing locals like a mad man while foreign staff control Atlantis.

Right now at Bimini Bay Resort Bahamians are being asked to submit resignation letters while under the cover of darkness and in the dead of night, Chinese workers are sailing into the port of Bimini – RIGHT INTO THE GOVERNMENT DOCK – and are showing up for work on the island.

Right now if you walk into the top floors of the RIU HOTEL there are foreign line staff employed to do the simple tasks that thousands of unemployed Bahamians can do right now!

WHERE IN THE HELL IS THE CHRISTIAN COUNCIL ON THIS? Talk bout oil drilling and gambling?

Almost everywhere you twist and turn in this small town foreigners are being hired and Bahamians fired or retired and not a damn person is speaking up for Bahamians, save  Mitchell in his written Doctrine.

Bahamas Press just yesterday noticed an article “Paid hacks” at Atlantis planted in the New York Times.

The scathing piece represents the same views of the resort against the “Bahamians First” policy.

Many forget how in December of 2011, the UK government, who is apart of the EU by the way, began ordering out of its country nationals whose work permits had expired.

The David Cameron Government made it very clear that it was not prepared to make it a free for all entering the UK. A group of Bahamians assigned to the Tourism Office in the UK had to come home that year; and they were all working for The Bahamas Government.

All over the world, governments are putting their people first, yet Atlantis and some other properties, mussee  believe dat Bahamians fool, eh?

The article published in the New York Times highlighted the same story published in the morning paper that does cuss its employees to a near death experience [The Tribune].

“We are dealing with this as privately as possible with the relevant authorities,” said George Markantonis, the managing director of Atlantis told the Times. “But we are extremely upset.”

But unlike the bias news reports in the Bahamas, the Times also published comments from Minister Mitchell who defended the crackdown on work permits as a way to encourage more companies to hire Bahamian workers.

“This applies from the top to the bottom. It applies to the bank, the newspaper and the industrial sector. It applies across the board,” he said at a news conference Monday. “It is a simple question. Is there a Bahamian available for this job? If there is a Bahamian available for this job, then a work permit will not be granted!.”

Bahamas Press believes this is the perfect time for ALL Bahamians to rally behind anyone in Government who is championing the fight for the unemployed and kick to the high heavens all who are against.

BP ga ask it again: Where are the new generation leaders who supports the Minister of Immigration with his newly-stated policy and belief “IN PUTTING BAHAMIANS FIRST!”

We report yinner decide!

Millions in remittances are being shipped out of the country to fuel other economies while here in the Bahamas we keep borrowing…Mitchell’s Immigration Policy MAKES SENSE!!!


  1. I support Mr. Mitchell 100%. We Bahamians must unite and speak up and let the authorities know that our immigration laws must be enforced to the fullest. What I think is happening is that there is serious inefficiency in the Labour department. Immigration and Labour have to work together to avoid these companies from getting foreign workers when Bahamians are qualified. If the Labour department is operating properly they would be able to let these companies know up front, that there are qualify Bahamians and refer them to the company. The Government needs to get it together!!!!!!!!!! I pray they DO!

  2. I totally agree. Totally. If we deal with the work permit issue, not only does that free up jobs for Bahamians, but it kills this illegal immigration drive where persons are coming here from all over the world.
    If ya know ya can’t get a job because Bahamians are first, then individuals are less willing to risk paying thousands of dollars to come here illegal and can’t get a work permit. It’s that simple. Glad to approach 40 years of independence. At least Mr. Mitchell is making headways. Right?

    • This isn’t just a disadvantage to Bahamians. This is how Chinese companies operate foreignly as well. Bringing in they own workers so that they may still abide by their sick labor laws. It’s happening all over Africa. http://www.chinaafricarealstory.com/

      Skilled worker deficiency should be defined and approved or refused on these contracts as legitimate reason for immigrant workers. Or require that the company offers first dibs for locals to at least apply on which local labor laws must be upheld. Or for every so many percent of immigrant workers, the company must hire locals for the x percent remaining and train accordingly . And measure this training by field exams or renewed certifications offered by third party industry professionals.

  3. I support Minister Mitchell 100%, this exploitation of Bahamians MUST STOP, for most positions Bahamians are qualified. At least somene has the testicle fortitude to put Bahamians first

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