A BP NEWS ALERT!: City Markets Ltd pushes Bahamians out for Expats


Nassau, Bahamas — It has come to BP attention that City Markets Chief Operating Officer West Indian, Derek Windford, has terminated the services of two qualified Bahamians form that Company within the past few weeks and replace them with expats with the support of the DPM Brent Symonette & Minister of Immigration.

The dismissal of Dominic Butler a season Buyer was shocking; as his late Father Franklyn Butler Sr. was/is a major shareholder of City Markets and was reportedly owed and may still be owed substantial funds by City Market.

Ms. Evangeline Rahming CPA was pushed out and replaced by a West Indian who was issued a work permit thanks to DPM Brent Symonette & Minister of Immigration.

This is an example of the Immigration Minister turning a blind eye and taking care of Foreigners and not Bahamians. What is so sad is that this scenario is been played out on a daily basis in our Bahama Land. Collections of Work Permit Fees are more important to the FNM Government that the enchantment of Bahamian employment.