A New York public defender has been found murdered in bushes in Turks and Caicos just one day after being reported missing…


Marie Kuhnla, 61, was on her dream vacation to the island when she was reported missing.

US Attorney Marie Kuhnla, 61, murdered in TCI.

Turks and Caicos – Bahamas Press is now following a homicide investigation underway in Turks and Caicos where a Long Island New York woman was found dead in bushes near the Club Med Resort last week.

Marie Kuhnla, 61, an attorney from Wantagh, was traveling with two other females [also lawyers] at the Suffolk County Legal Aid.

Kuhnla had been reported missing just one day before she was found.
“The family of Ms. Kuhnla are being supported by officers from the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force,” officials said in a statement.

The victim’s son described his mother as loving, caring, and compassionate.

“While I understand the focus of this story is on the circumstances surrounding my mother’s death, I would like to take a moment to focus on her life She was a loving, caring, compassionate woman who I was lucky to have for a mom. If she saw someone who needed help she would help them.” Rick Kuhnla Jr said in a statement.

He told ABC News that his mother earned her law degree later in life and spent 15 years as a public defender.

Ms. Kuhnla was reported missing on October 15. How she was killed is still a great mystery.

She was having her dream vacation to the islands. Someone needs to call Scotland Yard!

We report yinner decide!