A Young woman was beaten up in the bank by her jealous lover and the magistrate placed him on probation!?


Da women them getting beat up and the men walking free! WELL WAIT!

Magistrate Court

NASSAU| A jealous boyfriend flipped into a rage as he entered a local bank in New Providence and proceeded to beat black and blue his girlfriend inside.

The abused woman had just returned back to the bank collecting an item from her ex-boyfriend when the violence followed.

Anthony Thompson, 40, admitted to having attacked his lover with blows leaving her defenseless and screaming for help on November 10th.

The assault charge came several days following the incident. Magistrate Shaka Serville placed the violent attacker on probation and ordered him to take up management classes. NOTICE WE HEAR NOT A WORD FROM THE WOMEN DEM FOLLOWING THIS!?

A few weeks ago, in another incident, former Commonwealth Banker Patrice Sawyer, 42, was violently gunned down and left to die in front of her home after she left her jealous boyfriend. Lynden Vincent, 47, three weeks later was allowed to walk like a bird out of jail because he said the Prison Service was not managing his diabetes. WELL WHAT IS THIS?!

Look how the woman them get treated around here and the man dem headed to beat up someone else daughter?! 

Anyway, we ga report and let yinner decide!