Accused man of that rape on Cabbage Beach of an American tourist charged


New regulations must come to the Jet Ski Business! You cannot have a record of rape and engaging guest in the country!

Kevin Romer being charged for the crime today.
Kevin Romer being charged for the crime today.

Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamian police have charged that man who is accused of raping a guest of the Bahamas.

Police reports, the victim was on Cabbage Beach, Paradise Island around 5pm on Saturday, January 2, when she was allegedly attacked and then raped by a Jet Ski operator.

Jet Ski operator Kevin Romer has been charged for the crime and has been remanded to prison.

A statement by the Ministry of Transport and Aviation gave a response to US travel advisory which was issued on the matter today advising American citizens to not use the services of jet ski operators in the Bahamas:

It is noted that the United States of America Embassy has issued a travel advisory warning against patronizing commercial jet-ski water sports in The Bahamas.

The advisory is apparently in response to a recent incident involving an allegation of rape by a Bahamian male who was riding a private jet ski on a public beach. This incident did not involve a participant in the jet-ski industry. However, certain public comments in the aftermath of this incident may have had the unfortunate effect of erroneously projecting that the alleged perpetrator was a licensed operator when in fact he was not.

The commercial water sports industry is governed by the Commercial Recreation and Water Craft Act and all operators are subject to full vetting by the Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) before licensing. The government of The Bahamas has instituted a zero-tolerance policy in the industry however, despite our efforts, challenges do remain.

I have discussed this challenge with the Ministry of National Security who has undertaken to assist our efforts in ensuring a lawful and orderly environment. I shall be meeting with owners and operators tomorrow to discuss this advisory and its potential impact on their livelihood.

Again in the interest of accuracy, the most recent incident DID NOT involve anyone who is licensed to engage in commercial water sports.

In 2014, the United States government issued a warning about crime in the Bahamas, expressing concern over a spike in reported sexual assaults, some which were said to be linked to the “loosely regulated” water sports industry on Paradise Island.

Maybe Atlantis should begin to manage the beach and protect its citizens. Or maybe we ga just let the damn criminals close down the whole property.

We report yinner decide!