Airport Authority workers want their money or they will strike!

Bathroom at LPIA closed after sewerage pipes burst! File photo.

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is reporting serious problems could be had at the Airport Authority if workers there do not get their money which are overdue according to their agreement.

Airport Authority workers have been owed money for some years now and just this week the Minnis Government has agreed to pay the funds in instalments – BUT WHEN?

Staff working hard for hours are right now on a $10 million upgrade project installing new equipment at the airport. They tell BP, “If they can spend money on machines, why is it so hard to invest and reinvest in people? Why can’t we get all our money one time after waiting so long all these years to get it?”

Sources tell us the Airport Authority staff are responsible for important security equipment at the airport and if they were to go on strike there will be a crisis and a national security situation at the gateway of the Bahamas (LPIA)!

We know the staff at Airport Authority are responsible for the radar systems at the airport. Those staffers must always be at work!

A word to the PM is sufficient! PAY THE DAMN PEOPLE DEM!!!

We report yinner decide!