Alfred Sears is now holding Legal Clinic in the Parliament

MP for Fort Charlotte, Alfred Sears, lectures the Parliament on the independence of the judiciary.

BREAKING NEWS <<< The Free National Movement Government is today attempting to remove powers of the Coroner in the Bahamas.

The new bill now being debated in the House will make the Coroner answerable to the Attorney General and not the Chief Justice.

Alfred Sears questions why the executive is meddling in the Judiciary?

Hubert HAS NO SHAME!!!


  1. We talk about the independence of our Judiciary?

    Both Administrations (PLP and FNM Governments) continue to meddle in the Judiciary, which too was admitted by the President of The Court of Appeal, when commenting on the 2006 ruling of former Supreme Court Justice, John Lyons, that the Judiciary of The Bahamas is unconstitutional, not independent and not impartial.

    Yet our leaders are making and amending laws in ‘The House’, knowing that according to Justice Lyons’ ruling, our courts should not be operating, and should be shut down, UNTIL the Executive of this Country calls a Referendum, for an Amendment to our Constitution, to correct the very serious problem, he refers to as a ‘Constitutional Crisis’, where the Executive of The Bahamas ‘Broke the Law’, by not appointing a Commission(independent) in 2003 and 2006 (and also in 2009), to review ‘The Remuneration of Judges’ Salaries and Pensions Act.

    Justice Lyons ruled that because The Executive ‘Broke the Law’, that the Judiciary of The Bahamas is beholden (but I say indebted) to the Executive.

    Why has this Executive too, refused to correct this very serious problem, Justice Lyons referred to as a ‘Constitutional Crisis?’

    Why has this Executive refused to call a Referendum, to amend The Constitution of The Bahamas, to correct this very serious problem?

    See TanyaPreciousangelofGodCash on Facebook

    Our leaders seem to do, and are allowed to do whatever they wish, whether it is lawful or not!

    We MUST demand accountability from our leaders! They should not be allowed to do whatever they wish, as no one is above the law!

    Crime is out of control, our people are hurting, our people are being oppressed and suppressed.

    It seems as if our leaders just don’t care!

    They continue to break the law, there is no enforcement of the rule of law, whether by political leaders or by our Judiciary.

    Wake up Bahamas!

    Wake up!

  2. is this the same man that cussed out sheryl when she was doing her job. this man is shameless..except for dealing with 90.

    • Guaranteed,if you search the term “tuna says”,the response will be FNM operative.Alfred Sears continues to represent the good people of Fort Charlotte respectably.So stop the sleazy lies:”tuna” or whatever you call yourself.

    • So what if he cussed her out? What does that have to do with anything? Everybody need a good cussin now and again.

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