American granted bail after he allegedly shot seven rounds at police in Green Turtle Cay, Abaco on last Friday!


Was John Tellam selling illegal weapons in the Abacos when police intercepted his vessel?

Coral Gables native John Tellam gets a $10,000 cash bail in the Supreme Court after allegedly firing live rounds at Bahamian Police on Friday.

NASSAU| The arrest of American John Tellam, who was perhaps sailing through the Bahamas selling weapons out of Florida, came following his alleged firing a gun on two Bahamian police officers last week Friday.

Tellam was arraigned before the Magistrate today and pleaded not guilty to the offenses of endangering the life of an officer and possession of a firearm.

On May 22nd, another story BP broke, it was reported that some seven rounds of gunfire were aimed at police in the community of Green Turtle Cay in the Abacos.

Apparently, police had warned Tellam of being in the area on his vessel and asked him to leave. But he refused, loading up his weapons inside his 77ft vessel left the area and then returned, opening fire on police. Now to fire on a police officer in the Bahamas is a serious offence. Such incidents have ended in the death of a suspect. But in this case, watch how this played out.

After being fired upon, police then returned fire and later arrested Tellam who appeared to be dangerously under the influence at the time. When officers began an inspection of his vessel, they discovered: 10 live rounds for a 410 shotgun, 20 rounds for a .223 weapon, another 138 rounds of ammunition, all of which clearly suggests he had some intent to supply these deadly lethal instruments.

You now must wonder who in the US or the Bahamas is Tellam working for him to have such bold convictions that he could shot and perhaps kill a Royal Bahamas Police Force Officer and then getaway?

Back in 2017, Tellam, who we now believe has a serious anger management problem, crashed into the home of a woman and threatened to kill her after his car was towed away by the Homeowners Association in Jupiter, Florida.

The 60-year-old also was arrested, this time in Coral Gables, Florida, back in 2013 for another incident.

BP wonders though how is it, in this latest Abaco incident, an American fire on officers, some 7 times, and the suspect goes unharmed, but in another case, just a few weeks ago, another man, not armed with a gun, was in his own yard on Abaco which was entered by police officers and that suspect was shot dead with some five shots to the body! And in that incident the officers were IN FEAR OF THEIR LIVES?! Well, what is this?

Anyway, Tellam was later granted “SWIFT JUSTICE” a $10,000 cash bail by the Supreme Court of the Bahamas! Dat will hold ya!

The application was filed and supported within minutes of his Magistrate Court arraignment and he was allowed to leave the country.

Tellam is to return to court for his trial on September 22. Will he return? Or will he be extradited if he fails to return?

We report yinner decide!