An abolitionist who has struck the Bahama Junkanoo Carnival


A letter to the Editor

Kirkland Bodie

Dear Editor,

Thanks as usual. Your recent stories to do with members of ISIS in the Bahamas speak about and show some members traveling to Washington to appear before a committee.

There are other members who moonlight under the guise of activists, abolitionists, Save the Bays environmentalists and even culture artists.

There is such a person in this midst; even though his birthplace and parenthood cannot be ascertained, who in the past has put together a few ditty tunes and now wants to be considered an icon or patriot.

Sir, he is none of those and is nothing more or less than an abolitionist who has struck the Bahama Junkanoo carnival in its vital parts during its infancy.

The success or failure of this novel cultural venture, the first serious attempt ever, should be placed at the feet of this unpatriotic Bahamian who finds pleasure in singing about women “just because they fat”.

As a result of his efforts on TV and radio, the carnival committees disbanded and, after pleadings from Prime Minister, have reconvened and not a single word is heard from the defanged and toothless bunch.

Mr. Editor, one day you and I will be called upon to show how we feel about our country or even ourselves.

You should not be like Ms. Bahamas and give up the crown and I promise and swear I will not be like KB and pray that we fail.

Sheldon Robinson