Another bad accident has been reported this time on Milo Butler Highway


Car cut in half on Milo Butler Highway – driver left critical inside…

Bahamas Press has captured live scenes from that bad accident on the Milo Butler Highway this evening.

Nassau – Well since the police say they have nothing serious to report we have something to report and will keeping you informed this holiday season.

We are reporting this evening that there has been a terrible accident on the Milo Butler Highway. A victim in that accident we know is left in critical condition and is being treated by medical personnel.

The roadways are jammed, and yet, people are speeding out of control as if they have some urgent appointment in eternity.

Again we warn motorists as we did just last evening to BE CAREFUL WHILE ON THE STREETS! The holidays are approaching where people are dunk as a bat on the streets! Plenty drivers are distracted and many are stressed. Drive DEFENSIVELY and drive slowly.

We report yinner decide!