Another RBDF Officer held on rape charges as Raymond King loses his grip on DEFENCE FORCE!

Commodore Raymond King

INAGUA| A DEFENCE Force officer has been detained by police in connection with an alleged rape.

The Acting Sub-Lieutenant was questioned by detectives on the weekend in the Police Station in Matthew Town, Inagua.

The officer was taken into custody after a RBDF girl marine filed a complaint. She alleged that the officer raped her on the Defence Force Base in Matthew Town.

The accused officer is married to a RBDF girl marine. It is against RBDF rules for male and female officers to date, live together and
marry each other. Breaching the fraternizing rule is punishable by court martial and discharge from the Force.

But RBDF Ministers and senior officers have turned a blind eye to breaches of the rule. Commodore Raymond King is married to a girl marine. His wife retired last year at age 55 as a Force Chief Petty Officer—the highest rank of a non-commissioned officer.

Incidents of rape is not new on the RBDF. Recently BP reported how a high-ranking officer allegedly raped a female cook and the matter was swept under the rug where the female victim was transferred to another government agency and the alleged rapist promoted after his wicked bad behaviours. Recently, that same officer went on study leave to study law, but for a second time the rapist has failed his bar exams costing taxpayers some $100k.

Well what is dis? Someone must deal with these violent sexual offenders on the RBDF and BP will expose more!

The Crisis Centre must speak up and stop sitting on their hands, lips and gluteus maximus when it comes to these serious issues of rape! Especially when it occurs in public institutions.