Another student shot this afternoon


A BP NEWS ALERT: A male student believe to be around 14-years-old was shot on the corner of John Road and Blue Hill this afternoon.  EMS was dispatched to the area and is seen treating the victim.

The young man was eventually taken to hospital. He appears to have been shot in the stomach or the chest area.

Onlookers watch as witness another student gunned down on Blue Hill Road this afternoon. Look what the Bahamas has come to.


  1. It is really sad, the way the crime trend is affecting the Bahamas. Too many young men lives are lost through some STUPID act of a low life individual who is a menace to society. First we as a nation need to pray, humble ourselves and ask the Good Lord to heal our nation and rid it of this evil. May God strengthen the family, friends and love ones during this difficult time.

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