Arise, O, King of Nought!!!



Kenneth Russell, KING OF NOUGHT!!!

September 2, 2008 marks the sixteenth month of The FNM being re-elected as The Government. September 2, 2008 also marks 92 days since the 2007-8 Budget was passed into legislation in The House of Assembly. What makes these two time periods significant to Bahamas Press is that not one house, nor even a dog house, has been built by The FNM Government! Zero, Zilch! Hence, Bahamas Press crowns Housing Minister Kenneth Russell, The King of Nought (0)!!!!

Never in the history of The Bahamas has a housing minister had the disgraceful record of not having built one house. Never in the history of The Bahamas has a housing minister had so many stop and starts as to when at least one house will built. First The King of Nought promised to build 2000 houses in five years! Then, The King of Nought promised prior to the 2007-8 Budget Debate that the house construction program would be moving at full speed in two weeks! Then finally, The King of Nought came to the public and acknowledged his abject failure at not having built one house, but he asked the public to look on the bright side of his disastrous and calamitous handling of housing, he said, “Even if I only build one house as the minister of housing, at least it will be a house well built and safe to live in!” To be dumb is obviously still dangerous.

Bahamas Press questions the desire of The King of Nought to build houses for those who are in need. After all, infrastructure was laid in Pride Estates, the south section of Dignity Gardens and The Perpal Tract area of Chippingham by the former PLP Government. So why can’t at least one house be built? And what Bahamas Press finds to be even more insulting is that while they can’t manage to build one house, they have time to put people out of trailer homes in Grand Bahama and refuse to give people occupancy certificates for Government housing that have already received deposits. The King of Nought can do all of this, but he can’t find one contractor with a nail and hammer to even look like he may be starting to build a house for those who need it most.

Kenneth Russell needs to wake up and smell whatever that is around him, because when his boss can be all over the place saying, “You see that jackass there, he can’t even manage to build one house!” Then obviously if Kenneth Russell isn’t prepared to get a crew and build a house himself—it ain’t gonna happen, my brudder. So Bahamas Press says to Kenneth Russell—Arise, O, King of Nought


  1. Bolo I guess you can say they bring new meaning to the movie, “Dumb and Dumber”.

  2. This Politician and his Parliamentary Secretary Student are the dumbest to ever enter into Politics.

  3. I expect nothing else from Kenneth Russell. He is a lacky and go-fer of Hubert Ingraham.

  4. Mr. Coleby. You are dead right when you talk about the private sector suffering under the same shoddy work ethic that exists in the construction business and our government entities. I can tell you of my own horrible experiences. Luckily, I had the means and intestinal fortitude to rectify my situation. What is happening with low cost housing cannot be supported because we put the very people we are purporting to help at risk of having to live in sub-standard housing while we recognize they have not the means or “know how” to correct their problem. When bureaucrats do not do their “due dilligence” they set up the more diadvantage in our society for failure. And I expect more of the government(s) in this situation.(I fault both political parties,bureaucrats and the general population for not demanding and giving more.) I refuse to accept the statement that “this is part of the business”. This is the same defeatist attitude that is partly the cause of where we find ourselves today in all aspects of our lives. We must learn what our rights are; to stand up for our rights and to help our brothers and sisters to stand up for theirs. It is absolutely necessary that we stop constructon until we can guarantee it meets a standard that is acceptable. I would never advocate cancelling a necessary program. I just demand that all the parties involved make certain that they are postioned to do what they should be doing for the good of those they serve. Sometimes we must exercise a little (or a lot) of “tough love”). I always enjoy your contributions. Thanks

  5. Joe Blow, are you suggesting that the problems you cited do not exist in the private sector? Problems such as lying on mortgage applications, substandard housing, and home owners defaulting on mortgage payments happen in the private sector and are part of the business. Banks DO NOT cancel their mortgage programs because of these problems, they look to improve risk management. Look at the amount of foreclosed properties being advertised in the local dailies by commercial banks. Also, I dare say that a very high percentage of houses (private and public) have some sort of structural deficiencies after the occupancy certificates are issued. Also, the vast majority of home owners have experienced problems with contractors, so why were people so shocked and outraged that the government sponsored housing program experienced problems with contractors.

    What I found amusing was that most of the people who expressed outrage at the government housing program experienced problems with contractors with their personal construction projects, yet they pretended not to understand how this could happen on a large scale. I have experienced problems with contractors. Should we stop building across the board because of these problems? The arguments being advanced by Joe Blow and many others never made any sense to me.

    If the government’s solution to these problems is to cancel the housing program, then so be it. If there is a political fallout from that policy decision, then so be it. There are risks and rewards in all decisions we make.

  6. Kenneth Russell IS really NOT Cabinet Minister material. This is evident the moment he starts to speak-goodness!

  7. I also would “nought” have built one house if I were MOW. There are still empty government built houses. There are still a lot of persons in those houses who have defaulted on their mortgages There are still a lot of people in those houses who did not qualify in the first place-like sweathearts of MP’s and well-placed bureaucrats.To say nothing of those who lied on their applications and knew that they could not afford paymnts. And how about all those houses that were built that are sub-standard.
    Let’s put “the horse before the cart” and investigate and clear up all the irregularities before another “low cost” house is built and then make certain only those who are truly eligible get to move in. Oh! and did I forget to mention these are “economic hard times?

  8. Now thats what you call “Wutless”. BP, you need to submit his picture to webster for their next edition.

  9. no man bp errybody should be able to acess that info man.
    ya boi dem from controversy TV do they get BIS info as well?

    what if i wnat BIS info what do i gatta do

  10. BREAKING NEWS >>> An FNM Cabinet Minister and lawyer by profession has failed to pay National Insurance for his now deceased secretary. Bahamas Press has the evidence and will reveal the name. All we say is this, the harder you come the HARDER YOU WILL FALL!

    It has been 10 months since the FNM government has denied Bahamas Press request for news reports from BIS. LIKE WE SAID, we can ask politely as we have for 10 months or we can get GUTTER!

    Stay Tuned!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

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