Attacks on Davis by Tribune writer Intensifies



For the third time BP notes the vicious attack Tribune writer Paul Turnquest has taken out on PLP Deputy Leader Philip Brave Davis. BP questions the unsavory characters at the Tribune who meanders in the dark with Brave’s political rivals and hurls their smut against the triumphant PLP deputy leader. The war is set. The games have begun and let the blood letting of pens be unleashed! Feb. 16 is the date.


  1. All I can say is congratulations to Paul… Paul no amount of money that Brave will pay to Bahamaspress should stop you from been hoest… just look at the many articles that BP has produced here that is full of lies and mistruths.. He lies about the good of the PLP and Ryan Pinder and then he lies on the FNM and it leaders and supporters as evil every day.. So Paul – I guess you are doing something good.. Pepole read BP and since knowing the characters.. we see all of them as paid political hecks… OK.. be of good courage..

  2. BP I am an avid & frequent visitor to your site, but I had to comment to point out your inaccuracy as it relates to Mr. Turnquest. In my opinion he is one of the more professional and unbiased journalist in our country.  I find him to be a person who tells it like he see’s it.  But the fact remains that if he is reporting truthfully and accurately and the PLP Deputy Leader has been mentioned too frequently then maybe your comment should be directed to the aforementioned. And let’s not class this as a political attack because the journalist was the one who broke the scandal in the Lands & Surveys Department.

    • Well GuidingLight keep guiding him in the right direction cause we know more than what he think and what you would know. It coming and that ain’t no joke!


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