Bacon Coalition fights for one side of the argument and turns a blind eye to the other…


Letter writer explains the fraud committed against Lyford Cay resident by Bacon Coalition

Look at the FNM Coalition sponsored by Louis Bacon against the Perry Christie Government in full gear. What a trip!

Dear Editor,

It is amazing to see how aggressive the Bacon Coalition has gone after Prime Minister Christie, making threats of all kinds to protect the interests of Louis Bacon.

A few days ago, Fred Smith, lawyer for Bacon’s group suggested that he was prepared to file legal proceedings against the Christie government over claims Louis Bacon has with his neighbour Peter Nygard.

Interestingly, members of the Bacon Coalition do not see the need to equally inquire of the court how Louis Bacon dredged into the Clifton Bay and cut deep into the seabed right up to the back of his home without a government permit to do so.

We must wonder how is it the Bacon Coalition finds the energy to investigate one claim and not look at the other environmental concerns in the same area.

It looks like people are paid well to fight for one side of the arguments and turn a blind eye to the other.


G. Pinder