Bad Drag Racing accident in Palmdale – Look how people kill themselves while injuring others?!


Bad drivers refuse to stop their reckless endangerment until they themselves are physically disable!

NASSAU| The streets of the capital are getting more and more dangerous by the day. Earlier this week two vehicles decided to drag race in the night in Palmdale near the Golden Buddha Restaurant. 

The vehicles in the drag race slammed head-on and into each other with an oncoming motorist. The collision was caught on the Golden Buddha’s CCTV and was widely circulated on social media by BP. 

Following the crash two of the participants were seen hauling from the scene. This reckless endangerment begs us to question: how many of these persons behind the wheels of a vehicle in the country are legal legit drivers? You see how people could kill? Ya think that any of the people police are looking for?

We ga report and let yinner decide!