Bahamas Drops As the 49th Best Country to Live In According to The United Nations HDI Report



Swat teams securing the area of Hay Street the scene of a murder in the Bahamas last Thursday.

Nassau Bahamas – The Bahamas is now the second best Caribbean country to live in, according to the latest UN Human Development Index (HDI).

The United Nations list released yesterday placed The Bahamas as the 49th Best place in the world to live. Barbados actually jumped eight points on the index while the Bahamas, which has seen an increase in crime this year with over 71 murders 11 more than last year, dropped 12 points down the rankings.

The annual index is largely viewed as the hottest spots on the planet to live and reviewed a total of 177 countries. The rankings are based on a review of GDP as well as adult literacy, education and life expectancy rates.

Coming in at number 51 was Cuba, which recorded a whopping 43 points jump. It was followed by St. Kitts at 54, dropping four points and Antigua & Barbuda at 57, a four point drop as well. Oil rich Trinidad & Tobago ranked lower at number 59, with a 14 point drop while Dominica and St. Lucia were lower still – at 71 and 72, respectively. Still they gained 19 and 15 points, respectively to move up the index.

The Dominican Republic came in at 79; dropping down 13 places while Grenada was put at 82, a drop of seven. Suriname ranked at 85, a drop of nine while St. Vincent & the Grenadines was a mere 92, dropping like its Eastern Caribbean neighbors by four points.

Guyana surprisingly was ranked above Jamaica at 97, a 12-point climb upward for the South American nation, while the ‘reggae’ nation came in at a mere 102 though gaining 11 points in the index. It was second place to Haiti, which was the least great place to live in the Caribbean, ranking at 146, though it marked a two point climb upwards.

African nations dominated the bottom rankings with Sierra Leone coming in last at 177. The best place to live in the world is Iceland according to the report, which gained four points; while the US is only the 12th best place to live worldwide. Canada is number 4 while the United Kingdom is at 16th place.