Bahamas Press response on the FNM’s attack on DPM Hon. Chester Cooper


BP STATEMENT: This morning Bahamas Press (the one and only real online newspaper) responds to an article using our handle which suggests an attack on our Deputy Leader, THE POWERFUL VICEROY of the PLP, MP for Exuma and Ragged Island and Minister of Tourism and Aviation The Hon. Chester COOPER.

We want to remind the bad actors namely the three DOPE SMOKERS in the FNM (Minnis INCLUDED) that Mr Cooper enjoys the FULL confidence of Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis KC MP. Mr Cooper also enjoys the CONFIDENCE of the National Convention of the PLP, his colleagues in the PLP, and his political rise within the PLP are celebrated and supported by this page official page Bahamas Press. Anything else is a LIE, FALSE, and an UNTRUTH written by the THREE DOPE SMOKERS DEEP INSIDE THE FNM!

What the Free National Movement should be concerned about, however, is the question of who is the real leader of the party and who is responsible for the deep exercises of corruption, scandal, and crime which invaded the opposition party in the last term in office. They should come clean and settle on the case as to Minnis’ future within the party and its corrupt sitting MPs now before the courts. 

We want the three DOPE SMOKERS inside the FNM using BP’s handle to know that we are ready for yinner, and if yall want Bahamas Press to kick over its political war machine early that can be done. Faster than yinner could write ya next lying story.