Bahamas Press takes Carl Bethel to task. BP Blocked off his facebook page


carlbethNassau, BahamasGrand Bahama is not on its knees anymore, under this WUTLESS FNM it has now turned on its belly. They think the people are THAT FOOLISH and STUPID to forget who has represented Grand Bahama for more than 20 years.

The nowDelusionalChairman is still recovering from that left hook delivered to him at the FNM convention and therefore, cannot get his thoughts together. He has forgotten and can’t remember how back in 2007 Grand Bahamians had their JOBS, Homes, Cars and some businesses. And here it is now under the WUTLESS FNM, Grand Bahamians are left bankrupt, broke, busted and disgusted.

To hell with what the PLP did for Grand Bahama! For the last 3 terms or 17 years Neko Grant was their MP. C A. Smith was a Grand Bahama MP. David Wallace was a Grand Bahama MP, ZhivargoCryBaby SourLaing was Grand Bahama MP, KennethDoofusRussell was their MP and VernaeTHE VILLAGE IDIOTGrant was also an MP representing Grand Bahamians in the seat of power.

We submit. Therefore, for more than the last 20 years with WUTLESS FNM representatives, Grand Bahamians have gone from BOOM to BUST! With FNM representatives, they have past BROKE and Disgusted. Under FNM representation their businesses have closed and their families relocated. UNDER WUTLESS FNM representativeswatch Grand Bahama has gone from bad to worse to WUSSA!

Under FNM representatives Grand Bahamians have moved from being on their knees to crawling on their belly. EVEN THECHURRIN’ is getting molested and JUSTICE was hijacked with the aid of the Ministry of Education. He never came for the aid of the little darling of the nation. CARLUNDERNOURISHEDBETHELshould hang his head down in SHAME to ask Grand Bahamians what the PLP did for them, while he watched and grins as the city wiggles on the ground half dead.

Bethel never lifted a finger to come to the aid of Grand Bahamians, who were left out of light on Fridays. He said nothing to STOP Hubert Ingraham with his nasty STOP, CANCEL and REVIEW POLICY! He said not a word to stop Hubert from dragging the feet of women and children onto the streets and out of their trailer homes following the FNM election to the office. He said nothing when his government fired more than 2,600 temporary workers out of the Public Service back in 2007.

Nevertheless, he asks Grand Bahamians to look at the PLP record on Grand Bahama? Some people have no shame I tell ya! NO SHAME! Bethel you should be ashamed of yourself to insult Grand Bahamians in this way. WE KNOW BETTER! And guess what in 20 months hereafter BETTER IS COMING!

CHANGE IS COMING TO GRAND BAHAMA with its FIVE [5] FNM MPs three [3] of which sits in the Cabinet!




  1. @Bad Mannus
    I requested substantive information from you at 8:20 am today,01/12/09 and the silence is deafening.I see where Coleby came at 18:10 and requested honest explainations and so I give you until midnight to answer or as far as am concerned you will be judged as just someone who throws mud on a wall and hope it sticks.If you need more time say so but to remain silent gives the impression that you are a bold bare faced liar.I have deliberately remained silent for most of the day awaiting your response and refusiong to be detracted.I find that on this site charges are made challenged and the person m aking them does not answer but a few days later comes back with the sam e ridiculous assertion.Please bring forward your empirical evidence or apologise.

  2. Bad Mannus, a few comments and questions for your consideration.

    When the Prime Minister announced the 2% reduction in duties on 160 items, but failed to mention to the Bahamian people the increases of up to 19% on 160,000 items amounting to $250 million per year in new taxes, was he being deceptive, truthful, telling bold faced lies, or telling half truths? Was he taking advantage of the ignorance of the Bahamian people and exploiting a sympathetic and uncritical press to his political advantage??

    Minister Laing indicated in his convention speech that the external reserves at the Central Bank were at US$700 million, the highest level in the country’s history. Did his failure to mention that his government simply borrowed US$700 million to prop up our foreign reverses and that it was not the result of robust economic activity and sound fiscal policy bother you at all? Was he telling half truths? Was he being deceptive? Was he exploiting the ignorange of the Bahamian people as you claim Mr. Roberts does?

    When Laing said in his convention speech that the PLP never signed one Tax Information Exchange Agreement (TIEA) without informing the public that this new standard was established by the OECD after the FNM government was in office bothered you at all? Was he telling half truths? Was he being deceptive AND WILFULLY MISLEADING THE BAHAMIAN PEOPLE? Was he playing on the ignorance of the Bahamian people as you claim Mr. Roberts does?

    Check the record Bad Mannus. The FNM are masters of deception and half truths. When ever they make a statement, look beneath the surface because the devil (and the truth) are usually in the details and in what they fail to tell you. It is called “INFORMATIONAL ASYMMETRY”

    Just some thoughts and rhetorical questions for your consideration and possible bemusement.

    Elcott Coleby

  3. @ronica7
    You are absolutely right on it! When HAI first came to Office as PM, he peformed well as a Prime Minister, but recently, there is no doubt that he IS, performing like a “real” politician! There is a “BIG, BIG” difference. A PM tend to have vision, whereas plain old politicians have no substance….and sometimes no heart!

  4. Yes Trinity, the FNM seems not to be able to attract well rounded individuals. “Papa” is also brilliant, he just does not seem to know when to differentiate between a Prime Minister, and a politician.

  5. @ronica7
    You’re right. Now we’re forced to listen to Zhivargo Laing, who likes to hear himself speak, and there is ABSOLUTELY NO SUBSTANCE there. Then you have Tommy T who in my opinion is really a woman. Noone whines more. I am sick of hearing from all of them really. There are no new ideas, no creative capacity. It’s sickening.

  6. Trinity, this is one cabinet I am not impressed with at all. The first Ingraham cabinet, was the brightest and the best. Brensil Rolle, Charles Maynard, Kenneth Russell, Brent Symonette, and the list goes on, and on. Pure Dummies!

    Ivy Dumont, Thereas-Moxey Ingraham, Janet Bostwick, they were people of intellect, whom I still have great fondness for. I listen to them whenever they speak: especially Mrs. Ingraham

  7. @ronica7
    Really? Wow, what does that say for all the others? I’ve heard him speak on countless occasions, and he’s never impressed me. I’ve always thought that he was quite the idiot, and he’s never managed to change that.

  8. Trinity, Carl Bethel, in my estimation was one of the brightest spots in the cabinet. One of the most well-rounded. Intellectually sound.

  9. @Bad Mannus

    Roberts was cleared even though the outgoing COP tried his best to jam him.We know how he is going to meet his demise from office as he got caught trying it again before the Supreme court.So be careful with making allegations that hold no water as God does not like ugly.I look forward to your truthful response as facts cannot be disputed even though persons like the outgoing COP tries to switch them and actually got caught and should be in prison.

  10. @Bad Mannus
    Big Bad Brad brings facts to the table and even you an intellect admits it.Before we go any further please enlighten me on your so called half truths because all of the press releases by Roberts have been factual in my opinion.I look forward to us growing our intellect after you come back with facts on the so called half truths of Roberts.

  11. How can Bradley ( the Rapist ) mash up an intellect like Carl. Bradley tells BOLD FACE lies and discourages me from entertaining any thing he says.
    I believe its good to hold any Government feet to the Fire, use facts and not play on ignorance of people. We are trying to build a Country after all. Just as Sir Stafford took a chance on him ( Bradley ) he should adopt an Honest philosiphy to further GROW our intellect as oppose to trivialising it with half truths and blatant lies.
    The Future is Now…if they only can see it.

  12. HAI set Carl and Tommy up for political failure. HAI is a wicked old something. I think it’s funny though. Deep down I know they both want him gone, but they lack what it takes to stand up to him. It’s pathetic. Carl is trying to take on his new role as chairman. But I’m sure we all know, Bradley Roberts is going to pound him to pieces…

  13. It is impossible to defend the indefensible so Carl forgot he had also adopted PLP friends on his facebook.He wanted to get adoration like that given PAPA at the FNM convention.Now how will his message get out when only diehard FNM are contributing.Bahamasyouth has acted the same way when I provided empirical evidence,he snorts,cusses,and goes on a tantrum.Well Carl we cant hear you now or see you and could care less as you add nothing to the conversation.And this is who suppose to be the saviour?PAPA is one wicked man sacrificing a young torchbearer lolo.

  14. all it is is they stuck in the past when no one questioned them the political establishment

  15. @Rodney
    All I say is this if he could run to the hills like that just after 2 questions, then the FNM has a serious problem with its chairman. For he will do the same in a general election.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  16. BP, I saw that post on Carl’s Facebook and how you and a bunch of other people just ripped his *** up. I really enjoyed the fact that BP was fearless and relentless in questioning him about Birbal but as expected, the FNM Chairman started blocking people right left and centre, including me. But thats okay BP. Enough people saw your post and was happy that you put the question to Carl. The FNM is blocking anyone who has a different opinion or asks an inconvenient question and its just like Carl to be a yellow bellied coward and do that.

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