Big Fight in North Eleuthera to replace MP Alvin Smith in the FNM!


St. George’s Cay, North Eleuthera — Theo Neilly switched from the FNM to the PLP before the election of 2002. He went on the PLP’s platform and verbally attacked the FNM, many of its members and the sitting MP the Hon. Alvin Smith. In return he was well taken care of by the Christie and the PLP with his present job as the manager of North Eleuthera Airport Manager and some other perks.

For the past two years he has been campaigning for the North Eleuthera seat and for a time many did not know for which party. It soon became clear that he was not getting the PLP’s nomination so Theo being Theo did what he does best he switched.

Many wondered why he has switched back to the FNM after saying so many bad things about the party, its members and supporters.  Truthfully, he cannot state a good reason the truth of the matter is he saw his opportunity. Alvin Smith popularity continues to sink and the PLP would not put him forward he made his move. The Problem he faces is while he is a nice enough fellow, no one can really trust him; indeed he has a real credibility problem. The problem is many in the FNM do not trust him and no matter how much Abner and his team try he is just a difficult sell for many. Many days you can see him driving around in the red plated government truck campaigning.

He also has another issue that is plaguing him, his very questionable life style. He has recently started travelling and taking photos with a lot of women, but be real everyone knows. The truth of the matter he is misjudging the people of Eleuthera and Eleuthera is not ready for someone of his life style. Not when there was just recently all kinds a issues with people with questionable lifestyles at the North Eleuthera school a stones throw away from his house.

Many people have been telling Abner to stop pushing this man that the people do not want him. He is nice person overall, but most people especially FNM do not want the man who has a questionable lifestyle and who has torn into the party until he figures he get something from the party to represent them.

There are a number of other persons who are vying for the seat including the present MP Alvin Smith. However, a new person is emerging and beginning to catch the attention of the North Eleuthera community, especially FNM’s. This new person is from Hatchet Bay, he worked for the College of the Bahamas for many years working with young people throughout the country. He is well respected, by most people who know him and has his own business.

Outgoing MP of the FNM Ingraham Regime, Alvin Smith.

He could be seen recently up and down North Eleuthera and what has Theo and his crew worried is that there is a buzz about him. He is generally liked in the FNM and is expected by most accounts to be a candidates for the FNM in 2012. His most recent post is Chairman for the FNM Association of Marathon a position he has stepped down from in August of last year.

Theo Neilly those trying to figure out how he could be campaigning for all these years and have the backing of Abner Pinder and still this person is catching up with him and in fact ahead of him with most FNMs. He has none of the baggage that Theo Neilly has and he has even recently put a write up in the papers in Eleuthera.

Well folks the fight is on in the FNM who will it be Theo Neilly or the dark horse in the Race Collin Ingraham.

Sadly for Theo Neilly, it looks like Collin Ingraham has the momentum.


Meanwhile, the ratification tremors from PLP Rockstar Candidate for the area, Clay Sweeting, is being felt throughout the country. We can tell you Churches from Harbour Island, Bluff, Lower  and Upper Bogues, Gregory Town, Hatchet Bay,  Eleuthera Island Shores, Russell Island, St, Georges Cay and James Cistern were all singing praises and repeating the phrase: THERE IS A NEW DAY WITH CLAY AND WE ARE GOING PLP ALL THE WAY!

PLP Leader Perry Christie spotted the new rockstar just three weeks ago and rolled his PLP machinery into the community to pickup the young 25-year-old candidate.

Christie, Davis and Roberts moved residents with compassion and assured the community that a PLP government will lead the way to economic recovery ALL OVER THE BAHAMAS!



  1. I think everyone needs to remember what is important for the Bahamas, Theo is well educated for this position he has a proven track record he loves his country more than anyone i know and he cares about the future of the Bahamas, I think people need to stop there immature gossip and think about who is going to be the best person for our future and for the future of our children. Theo is the one who really cares and as far as i know he has had a girlfriend for quite some time now but just because he keeps his personal life low key should not give all you the right to drag news that is not true. Go Theo your the man!!

  2. Some of the comments on this site are hilarious. Who in the plp can honestly talk about someones lifestyle.When you can rarely pick up a Punch or even the other papers without reading about rapes and men on men sweethearting, just ask the wives of some of the good reverends what it is like to live with a man who prefers another man’s company to hers.
    Concerned citizen it is strange that Theo was a very good man when he was plp but that just shows how much loyalty is in the plp. Chris found that out.

  3. remember Now! as soon as clays name came into the picture FNM,s were doing all they can to slander his name! now just because its an now FNM who has skeletons in his closet, the fnm all trying to make this theo dude look like he is noble! he,s a liar and a a ungreatful indidvidual! i wonder if the fnm,s are looking at that

  4. Comments made about Theo neilly my great friend, when he was a PLP and a great friend now as an FNM. Remember jealousy is cruler then the grave. PLP looks like their running scared, that is why they choose to slender your name. As we know their is dirt in all partys PLP or FNM but i would like to think that Bahamian people should know by now, that slender should be the last alternative in order to win a seat in this country. Help, Care, Trust and thought for the Bahamas and our people should be the main priority of any canadiate. Mr Neilly i have that confidence in you, so has Mr. Ingrahm said good luck and hold your head up high for their are many that has your back. Has for the comment made to Abner Pinder weather he is for the PLP or the FNM he has every right to uphold who he thinks would be a great leader, for the Eleuthera constituency. On regards to Abner no one can step up to “The Plate” or has even tried, so a great thanks to you!

  5. which part of third generation PLP some people refues to understand! just because clay is from SP makes him an FNM? everybody knows Theo for real! knows what kind of person he is. he worked in briland at a popular hotel.

  6. Just thought I would comment on this post about Mr. Theo Neilly. Mr. Neilly is a well respected man in North Eleuthera. He has done a great job in North Eleuthera as deputy chief Councilor. He has also done a great job as the Councilman for Current. He has organized many community projects in the Settlement of Current.
    He was the person who initiated the revitalization of the Current Park, as well as, many clean-up programs in the community.
    Just thought that I would add my five cents.

    Also just about the part the Theo switched from the PLP to the FNM just so that he could run…
    Don’t forget Clay was a FNM and switched to the PLP just to run so don’t talk if you don’t know…

  7. Brother Colin I respect and admire your fearlessness in standing up for your fellow Bahamian even in the midst of a nomination “battle” in North Eleuthera.You are demonstrating a decency and maturity the likes of which politics has never seen in our country. You are also unveiling to the Bahamian public that WHAT WE ARE (PLP and FNM) pales in comparison to WHO WE ARE (BAHAMIAN). As such, we do not seek to engage in and/or support the politics of personal destruction of ANY BAHAMIAN be it PLP or FNM. We have serious problems and issues facing our country and visceral, hateful and salacious slander has no place in the new body politic the new generation of Bahamian politicians are ushering in!To all of you political spin doctors, political hacks and political tricksters I admonish you to ask yourselves a serious and sobering question: HOW CAN YOU SAY YOU LOVE THE BAHAMAS WHEN ITS ABUNDANTLY CLEAR THAT YOU HATE YOUR FELLOW BAHAMIANS? Who we are as Bahamians is not shaped by the land we occupy but by our existence as a people! Let us rise up, even in our abiding political discourse and maintain a necessary degree of civility!God Bless The Commonwealth!

  8. i know one thing if i can prove someone living a life styl and want my vote he or she will never get my vote, thats for sure. this life styl getting to bold na. what next? same sex marriage..? then you people want to defend these sick life styl. what this place cuming too lord help us all…

  9. @ Truth
    May I firmly suggest that you select another name. “Truth” does not depict the clear leaning in your posts. The outcome of the next general election will result in either Ingraham or Christie being the Prime Minister, due to their leadership status in their respective party. The “mumbo jumbo” about how badly the country will do is speculation from an alarmist.

    The implication that the Theo of your story is found “unfit” due to “lifestyle issues” doesn’t take account of THE FACT THAT SUCH LIFESTYLE ISSUES IS PROVEN NOT TO PROHIBIT ELECTION TO THE PARLIAMENT. LOOK WITHIN THE RANKS OF THE PLP, LOOK CLOSELY AT ONE OF THE OLDEST COMMUNITIES IN NEW PROVIDENCE. BE AS SLY AS A … FOX, and climb that HILL (a hint and a half). Its going to take more than the politics of character assasination to win that seat. I ABSOLUTELY DISAGREE WITH THE ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLE FOLKS LEADING AT ANY LEVEL IN THIS COUNTRY BECAUSE THEY DO NOT REFLECT THE WHOLESOME FAMILY VALUES THAT WE SHOULD ASPIRE TO. But to use this point as the basis of rejection of a candidate in one party, while overlooking the glaring practice of man-on-man relationships, widely known about in the competing party, doesn’t do your attempt to be middle of the road in assessments good. BP GET SERIOUS!!!

  10. Im afraid of what this country coming too. Bahamas Press does bring very very good topics to the table however I feel this website is sometimes bias with its reporting. I rarely see NEGATIVE things about the plp when everybody knows that Perry Christies’ leadership style is what many do not agree with. Ingraham the same however its more RESPECTED than Christie. I feel the next general election is not about Hubert vs Perry its about HUBERT vs ANTI-HUBERT. Let me remind you that Perry Christie has countless prove to us that he is a man with no DIRECTION, NO STERN VOICE. I’m always worried about where THE PLP is getting funds to campaign. From WHAT I UNDERSTAND PERRY CHRISTIE has made deals with countless CROOKS worldwide and national wide who are willing to pay for his campaign in return of DEALS and also illegal behavior such as WHITE CRIME. I’m no fan of Hubert Ingraham, I just dont know what to say!….Not everything is Ingrahams’ fault but I feel certain issues he couldve dealt with better and show more COMPASSION towards the people.

    THE NEXT GENERAL ELECTIONS IS GOING TO BE HORRIBLE.. if Perry or Hubert emerge as leader.

  11. sometime i hold my head down in shame for being a bahamian. ingrum diss us from he take office. first the port by fish fry they might as well keep it down town bahamians and visitors hang out there now we have to deal with them big truck up and down ingrum never listen.then the road works poor planing cost people to loos there jobs.ingrum never listen.then the private island & the helicoptor ride they rape us with that one. ingrum never listen. then btc ingrum never listen… and yet no one stand up to this… those people in the middle east got balls we just lay down take #@%$??…..

  12. It is rather late and I was advised by one of my good friends that there was an article of Bahamas Press mentioning my name and that I should read it. After reading it and speaking with my friend, I am taking his advice and responding to the article.

    Firstly, I want to make it abundantly clear I do not endorse this article with regards to comments made with regard to a friend and political colleague of mine Mr. Theo Neilly. He is presently the Deputy Chief Councilor for the North Eleuthera District and has served admirably; he is a good community oriented person. He is not just a talker, but a person who walks the walk. Anyone is free to go and look on the many photos he has up on Face Book to see his community involvement, there is no doubt in my mind that he would do all he could to be a good member of parliament.

    Secondly, the Hon. Alvin Smith is the Free National Movement standard bearer at this time. Until either he or our Party indicates that there is a change I will respect his position and continue to support him. Yes, I have been home listening and speaking to people and hearing the concerns and the issues that face our brothers and sisters in North Eleuthera. Yes, whenever the Hon. Alvin Smith steps down I would like to be given the opportunity to serve my people in North Eleuthera.

    I believe we in politics in the Bahamas need to be more civil and respectful of each other be we FNM or PLP. Those are the philosophies and labels we chose to follow, however, we must be mindful that at the end of the day we are Bahamians and more importantly God’s children. I trust and pray that North
    Eleuthera’s campaign will be issue focused because we have many. I pray that we realize this is not a game or a rock concert for us to merely dance and prance around with slogans and empty promises that bring no resolution for better for our people. I hope that the campaign in North Eleuthera be about who has the better vision and the ability transform the economy and social fabric of Eleuthera for the majority of our people and future generations yet unborn. Let that be our challenge, let that be our goal.

    Finally to Theo my friend press on, this what we seek is not about us and many will say all manner of things about you whether it is true or not. Trust in God, keep your family and friends close to you and follow your dreams. Good luck my brother.

    God bless.

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