BP 2019 Year in Review – Murder at Government House…

Philip Perpall murdered while on duty at Government House…crimedown

NASSAU| Last year was one bloody year in the country with scores of murders still unsolved. 

POLICE shot and killed more than 28 citizens – the bloodiest year on record. But crime down, they say. We ga await that US Human Rights report which normally speaks to this issue. We bet they will say nothing. Ahhh, boy.

Marvin Pratt is still missing after last seen being taken into police custody; 2019 was a bad year for his family.

And if you believe all that was bad – then came the highlight of murder: homicide on the grounds of Government House. ANOTHER incident which had never occurred before.

RBDF officers on duty outside Government House came under fire,  leading to the death of Petty Officer Philip Perpall (inset). His RBDF brothers were also sought by the shooter who left Government House unharmed.

Nothing has come to any conclusion following this chilling incident. It was the second of Dame Marguerite’s guards to have lost his life in her protective service.
Anyone heard what has happened with the announced Inquiry?

Ahh, boy, 2019 was one bloody year – and yet they say #crimedown! Yeah, right….right down the street!

We report yinner decide!