BP questions whether that plane which landed at sea was ever in distress? WHERE IS THE PILOT IF THE PLANE SAFELY LANDED?


Something is not right with this report!

West End – And so we have an update on that plane which landed at sea yesterday just eight miles off West End.

Here’s the story: The plane never crashed into the sea. It landed safely on sea eight miles off West End as if it was dropping off packages of drugs or guns. A distress call was made, but when authorities arrived in the area only a female passenger was onboard. She was rescued and the male pilot had vanished.

Police on Grand Bahama are reporting that the female rescued yesterday from the plane is now in stable condition at the Rand Memorial Hospital. We believe she was never unstable either. And, although this recue operation was great, it does not answer the main question: WHERE IS THE MALE PILOT? He landed the plane so where he vanished so?

We at BP also await the registration of the plane and we want to know the name of the missing pilot. This investigation should be handed over to some special agents ’cause something is amiss here.

Police, along with other agencies, will continue the search today for the missing male pilot. We hope they kept the plane because in that could be a ton of evidence.

We report yinner decide!

CLICK TO WATCH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfs8AnDtf2s