BP Sunday Special – Wake up Bahamas, VAT is Necessary!


BP SUNDAY SPECIAL >>> Merchant Thugs and Foreign Elements would love to see Bahamians deeper in debt!

Why is this man, Dionisio J. D’Aguilar, always in the media with a switch beating down the Bahamian worker?

Nassau, Bahamas – -We here at BP marvel at this Group of Merchant Thugs, aided by some Foreign elements, trying to tell us what we should do. This group of Merchant Pirates under the disguise of the Chamber of Commerce and Employers Federation, and some folks who want to save the Earth, are running a slick media campaign, claiming they are on our side.

They want Freedom of Information, among other things, and are telling us to join them to help lower our B.E.C bills. Well, we may have been born at night and in the dark, but it sure wasn’t last night. Since when are these robber barons and modern day pirates on our side? But, before we deal with them and explain to our loyal readers why VAT should be welcomed, we need to sort out a Columnist in one of the Wutless media rags.

A few weeks ago, this Columnist, for whom we have the greatest respect, referred to the PLP as displaying dictatorial tendencies. The Columnist surmised that, based on the suggestion that one would not be able to travel if VAT is owed to the Government, it was being dictatorial in nature.

In the same article, it was suggested that the Prime Minister was weak because he would not fire Leslie Miller and Renward Wells. Well, Prime Minister Christie has been called a lot of things by many people including us, however, Dictator was never one of them. We believe the Columnist must have been thinking about the Abaco Dragon, Hubertus Maximus; and has become clearly confused with  the two.

You cannot in one breath call Christie  too deliberate and in the next, a Dictator. What is being poured into the drink of that writer? We suggest that this Columnist ease up on the Ouzo. The IRS takes a lien against property for non payment of taxes. People go to jail for this, just ask Wesley Snipes. Perhaps the writer of that column is not exposed to the world as we thought – then again it could be the cup in front of keyboard.

Well, we all know how the Bay Street Oligarchy operates. If you see them say they with you, watch out. They will spend big money to avoid paying their fair share of taxes. That’s why we are in this mess and VAT is necessary. Re-invoicing by owning dummy companies in Florida and not paying full Customs duties is why VAT is necessary.

VAT will not affect more than 80% of us other than on what we consume. We here don’t make over $100,000. We share this distinction with more than 70% of the General Public

So we say, don’t be fooled by these slick ads telling us about our B.E.C bill. Maybe if they were to pay you a decent wage, you would be able to pay B.E.C. Maybe if they pay their fair share of taxes, there would be no need for VAT.

So in this regard, we will start an online petition and list the Merchants who are a part of this Wake Up Bahamas, and you can agitate for them to pay you a better wage, so that you may be able to pay your bills.

They are not on your side.  They are a part of the “Evildoers”, the very ones who benefit the most. The very ones that make VAT very necessary.