BP WHIT MONDAY BREAKING REPORT >>> Christie Government set to look into allegations of expenditure by Bimini’s Local Council Board


Attorney General and Commissioner of Police should make examples of people who seek to fleece the public!!!

Someone must account for Public Money and Identify who is Cleveland Rolle?! The individual paid more than $51,000 in public money cannot be found…

New Swing and slides cost taxpayers on Bimini over $51,800...

Island Administrator Oscar Munroe must point Government Investigators into how did public money get paid to someone who cannot be located or identified? Who is Cleveland Rolle and how did that cheque get cashed if he is no where to be found?

Alice Town, Bimini — Questions to an island Administrator and the Local Government Board on the island of Bimini could come any day now as BP reports the Christie Government is set to open a major investigation into funds on that island.

BP reported just days ago how inaccuracies and serious questions began to loom regarding the Council of Local Government in Alice Town, where considerable sums of public funds have been spent without true value for money.

This weekend allegations of fraud emerged after residents uncovered the fact that a swing and slide alleged to have been bought by one Cleveland Rolle from New Providence was purchased for the sum of over fifty-one thousand dollars.

In records shown to Bahamas Press, it is alleged that Chief Councilor for the island, Lloyd Edgecombe, authorized the purchase of the park’s slides and swings from one Cleveland Rolle from an unnamed company for that sum.

But further investigations have revealed that no individual has been registered to such a name nor has anyone identified in the business of selling such equipment has been located in the Bahamas. In fact, BP has logged into our vast databases and have yet to identified Mr Cleveland Rolle here on the island of New Providence or anywhere across the country who can confirmed to have been involved in such a transaction with the local council on Bimini. WHAT IN THE HELL IS DIS?

Could Cleveland Rolle be someone deep in the grave collecting government funds from the Local Council on the Island of Bimini? Inquiring minds want to know.

Sources connected high up in the Christie Government looking into the matter told Bahamas Press, “These are very serious and damning allegations on that island and could warrant potential criminal charges if proven true.”

Now that the Christie Regime is set to look even deeper into the matter, we shall wait and see what the results will be.

During his budget communication tabled in the Parliament of the Bahamas last month, Prime Minister Christie highlighted his concern with government expenditure. He noted:

“We must of necessity be more cost efficient in our operations and aggressively seek to enhance revenue performance.

“The legacy of high public deficits and spiralling debt burden that we inherited is brutally onerous: Almost one out of every four dollars in revenue collected by the Government must be allocated to pay the interest charges on the public debt and cover the debt repayment.

“Had we chosen to ignore the grave structural imbalance in the public finances, the debt would have continued to spin out of control.”

What is clear is that Christie has many miles to go in curbing and combing wasteful expenditure – particularly on the island of Bimini…

We report yinner decide!