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blind-justiceNassau, Bahamas — Election court ended around 3.30pm on Friday with Justice Anita Allen announcing that she and Justice Jon Isaacs will take Monday to make considerations and hand down a ruling when court resumes on Tuesday morning at 11.30am.

Bahamas Press will be there to let you know whether or not Elizabeth will indeed be tryin’ Ryan.

Leo Ryan Pinder, left court with his attorney Philip ‘Brave Davis amid cheers of “PLP all the way” from die-hard supporters were on Bank Lane lining up to shake his hand.


  1. Its at fault by SOME VOTERS, Earl Bethel and parliamentary registrar, PM, TOMMY TURNQUEST, Perry Christie, and Bradley Roberts.  Also I’m not sure Altec but I think the constitution states that you have to have a bye elections during a specific TIME SPAM. (N.S.).

  2. Objective Thought, during his cross examination in the election court, Earl Bethel admitted that there were known flaws in the register BEFORE the election date was made and that the short period of time between the period the election was set and actually took place didnt give his department enough time to scrutinize the register properly.

    I will repeat what i said several weeks ago, Earl Bethel had in all likelihood, informed the PM that the register was flawed BEFORE the bye election date was set. Mr Ingraham was so convinced that the FNM would win by at least 300 votes that the flawed register didnt discourage him at all.

    I am totally baffled at how no one in the media has asked the PM if he knew about the flawed register and when did he find out? Mr Ingraham had to have know the issues surrounding the register and didnt do anything to lessen the impact of the flawed register in the bye election.

    This bye election debacle is totally the fault of Mr Ingraham.

    Had the bye election been put off for another 30 days, not only would the Registrar’s office had more time to do some correction, but it would have given both parties more time to canvass the area.

    The process leading up to the bye election was handled carelessly and poorly from day one. Had a little bit more time been taken, there would have been a winner declared on Feb 16.

  3. BP during the last election (2007) my wife and I who both live in the same house were in different polling divisions.. I dropped her off at her voting center and I went to mine where I was supposed to vote… I was there standing on the line when I noticed my wife walking towards me. She had to caught a ride to my voting center because she was told that she was not on the register of any of the polling divisions at that school but her voters card clearly showed that she was supposed to vote at one of the polling divisions at that school. She was told and shown that her name was on the register at my voting center.Right now I have 3 votes in my house, my wife my son and I but according to our voters cards we are all living on different streets!! Everyone of us registered at different times telling the persons from the Parliamentary Registrar Department that the street that we live on is not named but each time the person doing the registration told us that the street named something else!! Those persons do what they want!! And today our street still does not have a name!! My MP does not have constituiency meetings. He has FNM meetings. I have been to several and all they do is discuss how to deal with the PLPs in the HOA and how aweful the PLP is.. They basically discuss FNM business and bash the PLP!!  But I will go once again to put forward my plea for my street to be named so that my wife, son and I can be together in one house one again… The only thing that is the same on our voters card is our house number.. My son was the last one to be registered and he is in a different polling division.. The Parlimentary Registrar Department has some serious issues!!

  4. I shall not pre empt the Court for fear of being held in contempt.Just a reminder to all;the two justices made a ruling in respect to the other two Election Court cases they did a short time ago.They also have the Constitution to deal with in respect to denial of priviliges so everybody standby and take a deep breath until Tuesday.After the ruling you my fans will get my take as I know the results.lolo just kidding as it has not yet been given.Just t5hought I would get some chuckles lolo lolo.r

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