BREAKING NEWS <<< Murder # 176 last night on Dean's Street



A man was shot shortly after 9pm Friday night on Dean’s Street. The man we are told died on the scene.

There is another near fatal shooting in the Charmichael Road west community. We can tell a man was in the area of Lazzaretta Road just off Carmichael Road, where he was attacked by a group of young men, who attempted to rob him. The victim was taken to PMH shortly after 10PM where his condition is listed as serious.

Police officer stabbed about the BODY!

A Police reservist was stabbed about his body after 8pm last night at Penny Savings Bank Lane by a male. It is believed that the officer went to pay a visit to his ex-wife at the address. The police officer we are told was attacked by his ex-wife new lover. This male is in critical condition at the hospital.


  1. I’m from the Bahamas even tho I live states side now, but when I was back home, the murder rate was cap in the 40’s. I was shocked when it got to the 80’s, but to see it at 176, wow. I’m in my 30s and i bean threw that wanna be thug stage. The youths is cultivating a a bad man culture the leading our nations to destruction. It’s universal, and the world,s economic changing tide is only compounding the problem.I’m afraid if we don’t try to reach our own families, we all nations will be heading to destruction.

    • I think he means if it’s your intent to go about hurting and robbing ppl. Not if you’re trying to protect yourself from such ppl. Yet I get what you’re saying; there can’t be a law like that or we’d kill innocent ppl! 🙂

  2. i like the thought of lethel injection, but like the Prime Minister say if its up to him he would hang but its the courts, please fix the courts up. The man who starved the police officer is a idiot and deserves to go to prison, it isn’t like the woman going with him, infact she may make back up with her ex husband

  3. Anyone found in Nassau with a knife (other than used for eating with or cooking) should be shot. Too many of these people jicking up people with Commando style knives and they dont think anything of it.

  4. If you have a child in your home, and they feel like they could do anything without fear or consequence, then the people in a country is no different. It’s like I could do what I want, prison is a joke, lot a my boys up there anyway. Big reunion. I say justice delayed is justice denied, if they dont like hanging, then there’s always lethal injection. put it on the books. There will be at least 23 more deaths before the year is out. Mark my word. Sad, but true.

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