Cabinet Minister caught in the Registry Section of the Department of Immigration…


WUTLESS Director Clarence Russell is unfit for Immigration officers confirm.

Nassau – Breaking news coming into Bahamas Press confirms senior officers of the Department of Immigration have caught a Cabinet Minister in the Registry Section of the department.

This section, as most may not know, is where the files and processing of all applications for approvals are done. It is a sensitive section where not all officers are allowed. So how the Minister got access and was meddling inside the department leaves serious questions.

“The Minister has breeched his authority! What is he doing in that section meddling with files? What are his motives? This has never happened in the history of the Immigration department!” our source confirmed.

BP believes Prime Minister Hubert Minnis has lost complete control of his Ministers and has no idea of what to do! He is out to lunch and Ministers are running wild in the field. Breaking all the rules. This is sad! WHAT IN DA HELL IS THIS?!

Meanwhile the Director of Immigration is equally lost, organizing all kinds of social events with the department while the work in Immigration languishes on his desk, miles high.

We report yinner decide!