Cable Bahamas gets worse by the day and now the TV channels are freezing!



Nassau, Bahamas – The country’s cable service company is having problems and it’s not just with setting up the new mobile company but with keeping its Cable TV service up and on.

On Tuesday there was pure meltdown around the capital for hours after Cable Bahamas’ channels froze and its network went offline. The 2016 Rio Games were live and some Bahamians could not contain their anger as the channels went off.

Some at a local establishment were infuriated as the screen went kaput and patrons watching the disaster began dishing out similar words to the cable provider as some did on social media to critics of Shaunae Miller following her dive to victory.

One must wonder what kind of respect Cable has for the Bahamian people who pay for service all to be sold a blackout with no apology forthcoming.

One patron told BP, “Imagine that, Cable can’t deliver. They cannot get the TV right at a time the nation wants to see what is happening in Rio. Just look how they abandoned the people of the Southern Bahamas following Hurricane Joaquin. Look at their abandonment of scores of communities throughout the country where Cable has yet to reach, even after a 20-year monopoly on the market. The Cable Bahamas’ landline phone service is in the doghouse and now they want talk about becoming a mobile service provider? Chil’, please!!”

From the Spanish commercials to blackouts, Cable Bahamas’ network is getting worse by the day!

We report yinner decide!