Cable Beach Melia Property to remain closed for the next two years Minnis Gov’t informed…


Bahamians must quickly cut spending, remain prayerful and wait for a long road to economic recovery as projected by Bahamas Press in MARCH 2020! DIS GA BE LONG!!!!

NASSAU| Breaking news coming into Bahamas Press this morning confirms the Melia property on Cable Beach will now closed for the next 24 months .

General Manager Daniel Lozano said as much in a letter to associates employed at the property today.

Citing the challenges all last year with the COVID19 pandemic and the global travel industry evolving with new rules, the resort will remain close over the next 24 months (into 2022).

This comes following the news last year where Club Med on San Salvador announced its closure into December 2021.

Lozano added that workers who enjoyed employment at the property will be invited to apply for their jobs once the property successfully reopens.

This could only mean more bad news for the country. BP understands the Minnis Government was been informed of the decision by the property weeks ago.

Bahamas Press has warned Bahamians since last year March to tighten their belts as the journey to recovery in this financial crisis and global pandemic will be long and deep. We told you since March 24th last year that school was not going to reopen into December 2020 and that if you was a junkanooer you can cancel Christmas! CUT YOUR SPENDING NOW or face the music down the road.

Melia was last completely renovated in 2017.

We report yinner decide!