Catholic School Closure Rocks Community



Students and teachers at the Holy Name School on Bimini. [File Photo]

Nassau, Bahamas Bahamas Press was informed that last Wednesday, (Feb. 24th), The Archdiocese of The Catholic Board of Education held a meeting in Bimini to announce that The Holy Name School will be closed in June after 60 plus years in existence. Archbishop Pinder, Director of Catholic Education, Ms. Claudette Rolle and a Mr. Lundy Moore were in attendance. Enrollment has dwindled from 100 plus to 60 plus students.

Bahamas Press calls on the Government to act on this announcement in order to quell the concerns of Biminites as to what will be the fate of the students presently enrolled and the pre-school students that will be enrolling in September.

Parents and others attending the meeting were very disappointed upon hearing the announcement. However, their disappointment turned to shock and then embarrassment because of Lorick Roberts, Local Councilor and the disgraceful demeanor he displayed when talking to Archbishop Pinder after the meeting!