Chaos at NIB as labour negotiations broke down and staff walked off the job!


Staff delivered the biggest walkout at the Board in the history of the NIB today chanting “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”!

NASSAU| Staff at the National Insurance Board have walked off the job this morning after union negotiations with the board broke down following a proposal which was rejected by the union.

Talks with the Executive Director was going good and all was being accepted, but when the Executive Director returned the verdict of a fractured Board, which is now having a big internal war inside, all the terms and benefits for the staff changed.

The Union has rejected NIB’s offer and said “NO DEAL”.

The Labour Agreement speaks to workers having no benefits [increases or lump sum payments] for the first year of the agreement, nothing for the second year. Not a damn thing for the third and forth years. And then a $2,000 lump sum for the fifth year would not cut it with staff.

Today the largest ever walkout at NIB took place with staff chanting, “enough is enough” which was heard for miles as they gathered in the front of the Sir Clifford Darling Complex.

Services came to a standstill with customers left bewildered without any service offered at NIB. One employee told BP, “We are sick and tired a this crew! They must all be gone from the Prime Minister Down!”

BP understands a breakdown is not just a breakdown between the Union and the appointed negotiators, but a further breakdown within the Minnis appointed NIB Board where one faction wishes to see the staff suffer, while another want the Board’s Chairman gone! This is one heap of confusion!

All we can say is this: If ya don’t laugh you would cry!

We report yinner decide!