Christie: Ingraham Worst Prime Minister Ever


RT. Hon. Perry G. Christie

The Leader of the PLP gave the keynote address this evening at the party’s mass rally on Clifford Park.  In his address the leader tried the current Prime Minister in the court of public opinion for being the worst Prime Minister ever.  He then said that he was finished with Ingraham and promised to outline the PLP’s plan to reach and rescue Grand Bahama tomorrow from that island.  You can read the leader’s remarks in their entirety below.

How, you feelin, PLP’s?

Let me hear you, how you feelin?

Are you ready?

Are you ready for victory?

So, let me hear you again: how you feelin out there tonight’?

Well, I can tell you how you lookin’.

You lookin’ real good! You lookin’ fine.  You lookin’ great.

My God, you look like a city of gold tonight!

And I know you’re ready. Ready for Change.  Ready for a new day!

And thank God Almighty it aint’ long now.

Yes, PLP’s, the countdown is on!

The clock is ticking!

Just 24 days!

Just 24 days until a new day dawns!

Just 24 days until victory.

Just 24 days until Ingraham is bye, bye, birdie, and gone, gone, gone!

And I’ve come here to tell you tonight to tell you WHY Ingraham has to go.

It all comes down to one simple thing : this country simply can’t take another five years of Hubert Alexander Ingraham.  No way! No how! Ingraham has to go!  No matter how you break it down, that’s the bottom line.  It’s as simple as that.  We can’t take another five years like the last five years we’ve had.

I can tell you one thing : I’m ready for Ingraham to go.

How about you, are you ready for Ingraham to go too?

And I’ll tell you why Ingraham has to go.

He’s been a miserable failure, that’s why.  He’s the worst Prime Minister this country has ever had.

So tonight I’m here on serious business.

I’ve come here tonight to charge Hubert Ingraham. I’ve come to charge him in the court of public opinion for his failures and misdeeds.

I’ve come here tonight to charge him with endangering the future of our country.

I’ve come here tonight to charge him with reckless disregard of the interests of the Bahamian people.

I’ve come here to charge him with looking out for foreigners but when it comes to YOU, he looks the other way.

I’ve come here tonight to charge him for abandoning you, for neglecting you, for mistreating you, for failing you.

It’s time now for this man, this same man who’s all over the place telling everybody he’s your Papa, it’s time for him to pay the price for his unbelievable failures and his unthinkable misdeeds.

But before you leap to any conclusions, just look at what the evidence shows.

This man who claims that he delivers, delivered you record levels of murder for four of the last five years.

This man who claims that he’s such a man of action has been fast asleep at the wheel for the past five years in the war against crime. He and Tommy Turnquest, fast asleep!  And yet, nearly 500 murders later, after a thousand families have been ripped apart, after an entire nation has been traumatized by crime, this same man still has the nerve to say that he delivers!  You ever heard any craziness like that?

So on that first count, tell me, how do you find Hubert Alexander Ingraham?  Guilty or Not Guilty?

This same man, this same Hubert Ingraham, who claims that he delivers, delivered hundreds of millions of dollars to Brent Symonette and Bahamas Hot-Mix and their foreign partners. It’s the biggest and the most scandalous cost overrun in Bahamian history.  And guess what? There’s still no end in sight.  And guess what else, you and your children and your children’s children will be paying all that money back for generations to come. That’s what Ingraham delivered.

So, on that second count, how do you find the accused?  Guilty or Not Guilty?

This same man who claims that he delivers, has delivered record unemployment, record levels of national debt, record economic losses. Brent Symonette and Jose Cartetellones and Hubert Ingraham’s local contractor-friends and cronies have gotten richer and fatter. But what about you?  Are you better off now than you were five years ago? And what about your sons and daughters? What has Ingraham done for them? Where are the jobs for them and for you? Where are the new economic opportunities for them and for you.  There are none.  33 out of every 100 young Bahamians are now out of the work. Imagine what that means for the kids who are graduating from high school and college and ho graduated last year and the year before that. Ingraham has miserably failed you, disgracefully failed you. And yet, he says he delivers.

But what do you say? On this third count, how do you find Ingraham, Guilty or Not Guilty?

This same man has grown into the most petty, the most vindictive, the most mean-spirited and the most dictatorial leader our country has ever seen.  Ingraham doesn’t head a government.  He’s his own one-man band.  You think he’s bad now, imagine what he’d be like if you give him another five years!

If he can get back in despite all his many failures and broken promises; if he can get back with all the record levels of crime and unemployment, can you imagine how much worse he would get?  There’d be no stopping him! He’d go completely power-crazy then.

So, on this fourth count of allowing power to go to his head and behaving like a tyrant, how do you find Ingraham, Guilty or Not Guilty.

Having been found guilty by the only jury that matters, the jury of the Bahamian people, Hubert Ingraham will be sentenced on May 7th, 2012.  That’s when the jury will announce its verdict to the whole world and send Hubert Ingraham into the political wilderness once and for all.

PLPs! Fellow Bahamians! Come May 7th, come that glorious day, we’re going to put our country on a new path to peace and prosperity.

Tonight I finish with Ingraham.

This election is about you and your future. Together we have important work to do. Time is precious.

We cannot waste one more second. Our future starts now.

Tomorrow night the PLP gold rush heads to Grand Bahama where I will outline the PLP’s plans to reach and rescue Grand Bahama and the Bahamian economy

So, PLP’s let’s march on!

Victory is close at hand!

Just 24 more days!

PLP! PLP! PLP…..All the Way!