Clifton Heritage Authority Director Mario Bannister collected his termination papers today…


Another PLP FIRED for being PLP!

Another tree has fallen in the woods. Mario Scott Bannister axed from the Clifton Heritage authority for being PLP!

Nassau – Bahamas Press is learning this morning that effective 31 May 2018, Mario Bannister, will no longer be the Managing Director of the Clifton Heritage Authority.

He was advised of his termination today, 29 May 2018. Now Bannister you would note and recall was a Loud voice on the airways for the PLP. But he was told by leader of the Criminal Government PM Minnis that he had nothing to fear for his job because he was doing an excellent job as Director of CLIFTON. What a LIE!

Such decisions of firing political operatives should be universal. PM Minnis promised he will not victimize anyone based on their politics. And we at BP believes PM Minnis should also take a look at his Senator Jamal Moss, who continues to collect a salary, but has failed to show up to the Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas since 2017, yet still today, he is still on the Corporation’s payroll! What is that?!

Bannister on Sunday was installed as a Stalwart Councillor of the PLP. But before he could even collect his honour, Jack Thompson – the Smurf of Cali – immediately called him into an emergency meeting at the Office of the Prime Minister to inform him of his termination.

All we say is this: We report yinner decide!


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