Convicted rapist Barry Parcoi who joined four in that deadly prison break died tonight of stage four cancer!

Notroious prisoner Barry Parcoi

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is breaking news live from PMH right now on the passing of notorious prisoner Barry Parcoi. He has passed away in the custody of the state while in hospital as he suffered from stage four cancer. 

Parcoi you will recall was delivered a life sentence some 28 years ago for rape, which he challenged in the Court of Appeals back in 2018. He lost that appeal. Parcoi was convicted of rape in 1994.

Parcoi you should also remember was one of four convicts who took part in the notorious January 17th, 2006 prison escape from Her Majesty’s Prison (Bahamas Department of Correctional Services).

That incident resulted in the death of Corporal Dion Bowles. A 13-year-prison veteran Corporal Bowles was violently stabbed to death (16 years ago this month).

Prisoner Forrester Bowe staged an escape from the maximum security wing with Parcoi, convicted murderer Neil Brown and convicted armed robber Corey Hepburn around 4am.

Brown was shot dead during attempts to re-capture him. On October 2014, Bowe was found dead in his prison cell. 

Parcoi was on the run from authorities for two weeks before being captured in Andros leaving the public in trembling fear during that time.

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