Crane at Andre Rodgers Stadium is costing taxpayers thousands a day without being used!


The proposed Andre Rodgers National Baseball Stadium complex stalled and costing taxpayers millions.

Nassau – A stream of chaos has erupted deep inside the Ministry of Finance now headed by Deputy Prime Minister Peter Turnquest as we are learning that mounting unpaid bills are being forced on the Government with little oversight.

Sources deep inside the Government tell us a mounting bill of over One Million Dollars has been ordered for payment by the Government for its lease of a crane at the construction of the Andre Rodgers National Softball Stadium where construction has stalled.

Each day with the crane not being used a bill is being slapped on the backs of taxpayers. Why the Government has not ordered the crane to be taken down is beyond us. Some say, by the time the Government decides to take down the crane, the people of the Bahamas could have purchased its own crane.

BP is learning that the contractor wants his money and has not been instructed to take the crane down.

But each day the crane remains, we the people, the taxpayers, are paying a hefty price.

We report yinner decide!