Crooked FNM aka Pirate of the Bahamas owes a foreign developer some $140,000! MP gets Deportation Order granted through his colleagues…


MP robs developer – then gets immigration to have him thrown out of the country? What kinda people are these elected to represent Bahamians?

Immigration officers are being directed to by Cabinet Ministers.

NASSAU| An FNM politician who owes an investor some $140,000 has fallen out of grace with his foreign investor and has now used his “Political Influence” to have that same developer deported out of the Bahamas. 

The politician and the developer were in business together. However, that business went bust. 

With the deportation of the developer in the next 20 days, some 40 Bahamians at the construction site on Cat Cay are all about to be left unemployed. 

Now Bahamas Press has been investigating this sitting MP who hails from the community of North Andros. The MP’s rags to riches story started when he began politics as a lowly government employee, but, after managing the family’s expanded Shantytown business along with the shakedown of investors to the country, he has become a fullscale Pirate of the Bahamas.

One time, the MP was secretly being investigated by a foreign intelligence agency. However, all has gone quiet on the pirate after he was advised to stay low and off the scene. 

The politician, who is also known as Da JUICER back in the Big Yard, has also started a secret love affair with another politician who is also FNM. Well, what is this?

But we at BP has some advice for that Developer owed his money by the crooked FNM politician – file a report with the FBI Office in New York as US currency is involved.

Since there are some with great ambitions in the FNM believing they could clone the writing styles of Bahamas Press  – let’s see how creative they can get over the next few weeks. There is only one BAHAMAS PRESS!


We report yinner decide!