Crown has cited one of its witnesses as hostile! The witness might turn for the Defence…

Attorney General Carl Bethel and Crown Witness Jonathan Ash.

NASSAU|  Well, it looks like key Crown Witnesses in the Shane Gibson matter are already looking pretty weak. JONATHAN Ash failed to testify today. Remember now, he is one of two presenting the complaint.

Lawyers, however, today were locked down in closed court sessions, presenting legal arguments on the other witness. 

The Crown is now afraid to bring one of their Star Crown witnesses who they have deemed “hostile”. What a joke!

Bring the people dem so we could see what a lie the Minnis Government is committing in these Political Persecutions in the country!

Readers must recall how Carl Bethel went to the press and confirmed that Ash was still being paid by the Bahamas Government.

Back on September 26th, 2018, one year ago, AG Bethel declared Ash to be a whistleblower, thus, he was offered some protection, reward and immunity by the Minnis Government. He did so in the course of confirming that payments are being received by Ash for contracts, which the AG says, were legally contracted prior to their coming to office. But is this really true?

Readers should note there is no record that Ash was owed anything by the Government of the Bahamas. In fact, the foundation of the case is set on the premise that Ash paid bribes for the assurance that his payments would come “as night follows day”, according to the lead prosecutor for the crown, James Guthrie, QC.

Shane Gibson

Guthrie told the nine jurors in his opening statement last week Thursday that Ash was “desperate to be paid”.

So, if he paid bribes in order to be paid on time, how is it the Government [according to Carl Bethel now] said Ash was owed money – and thus – the Minnis Government was paying the same key witness some $30,000 per month? [Months after getting elected into Government? SEE BELOW]. This looks just like another Barbara Hanna $1.9 million PHA cleaning contract, and we all know how that ended up in the Court of Appeal! Political Persecutions we call it!

The trial resumes tomorrow….hopefully!

We report yinner decide!