Customs officers scream for their money!

Officers who joined the ranks recently before elections. FILE PHOTO.

Good evening BP. 

Man! Customs and Immigration officers haven’t received one black cent of outstanding Overtime owed us since September 2018. The nurses union was only owed February outstanding and they got their Overtime cheques today!

Government would say that the two departments’ Overtime is much larger than the nurses’ union but you know why it got that way? Because the government continue to let it pile up without paying…That’s THEIR fault.

The nurses are paid Overtime every month while Immigration and Customs officers can’t get nothing! Why can’t the officers be paid overtime monthly like the nurses?

Every Saturday up to 7000 plus passengers transit through LPIA…that’s a lot of people to have in Immigration and Customs hall waiting to be processed. Do the officers have to resort to a “go slow” for this hard headed, play like we don’t exist government?

We work Overtime not  because we want to but because we MUST, due to the salary being so small which could barely cover mortgages. 

The long gruelling overtime hours the officers work is only to be able to pay Bills.

It hurts the officers to the core to see the Government treating us like step children. Why punish the hardworking Customs and Immigration officers like they’re doing?

And yet, the officers are constrained to be smiling, processing 1000’s of visitors on a daily basis while hurting because Bills are piling up and government pretending like everything chill?

Government need to pay up before the next “attention getter” is right up in their faces.

Please help us, BP, to get this message out because you know *Z* ero *N* ews *S* tation ain’t going to say a peep about this…they too scared.