Darold Miller is Vindicated by the Courts!



Radio personality and veteran journalist Darold Miller was today acquitted and is a free man tonight as he won his year long battle in the courts of being accused of  sexually harrasing a woman who worked at the Gems station. Mr. Miller told members of the press that the case was a complete waste of the court’s time and had nothing to do with sexual harrassment. But was all about politics, money owed to him by members of his former employ and his stance against ‘SISSINESS’ in The Bahamas.

Click to listen to an Audio report by ZNS: ds_20032.WMA


  1. No man I know Darold good. If he drinks he never gets drunk. I think he have a little BLOOD in his ALCOHOL, yes i said it right.

  2. i agree kim re the caller id as it is so cheap and whoever called knows she doesnt have one it seems

  3. Debbie said the person who called her on Sunday sound like Darold Miller. The person told her, they would see to it that she dies a wick death. This Darold Miller saga has all the making for good movies. Trust me, if this was in the US somebody would already made a movie out of it. You have rape, double crossing, politics, lesbianism, court and all the essential ingredients for a good movie. This is what you call the Bahamian soap opera, they should name it Gems.

  4. There was something “provocative” that came out of that show that many may have missed. Darrold often hinted at the laziness of the current press. How they just wait for a story to drop into their laps and then swallow it hook, line, and sinker. He spoke to the need for “investigative” journalism and need for reporters to get from behind their desk, go out into the field, ask hard questions and check facts. BP, I guess he agrees with you, they are “wutless”.

  5. In the beginning, I know he never anticipate this relationship becoming so public. If there is a next time, I know he would look before he leaps. I am glad he is now trying to be more productive and less provocative. It’s a good change.

  6. Fpo.lady I guess Darold is trying to move on and exhibit a new images. He wants the public to see him in a different light, not the provocative man he was. I think he wants to put this whole experience behind him and the longer he talks about it, the longer the public will focus on it. This something, I think he would like us to erase from our memories.

  7. Please don’t get me wrong, what he said made a whole lot of sense but I didnot expect that kind of show today, especially after all the enthusiastic announcements!

  8. I listened to the show today,but there was no great drama as I thought. Only Darrold sounded like he was preaching about trying to inspire, motivate, encourage people to work with our own resources. Things like coconut & pinetrees. Encourage persons to get involve and to take initiative and to be proactive with the many opportunities we have in our country. He specifically said any questions regarding his case must be directed to his lawyers. I noticed that the phone lines weren’t opened until after 11am but the station was disconnected after the first caller. I wonder if he will appear again to the station? All and all the show was nothing like I expected….. NOT LIVELY NOT PROVOCATIVE! BUT HE DID SAY THIS IS A NEW DARROLD MILLER.

  9. Oh okay….I know who you mean then. I know the unfamiliar name. Thanks for that clue, WOW. She is a new comer.

    This story was as mixed up as conch salad and I am glad its over. I hope all those who needed a lesson learned has learned that lesson and is now moving on. I pray someone hires Darold. In all his flamboyancy, he is a good journalist and I wouldnt want his talent wasted.

  10. Drama King I can’t call the name but BP can as it is their site. I will tell you this, listen to GEMS news, she is the most unknown reporter. This is the first station she has worked for I believe.

  11. Seems like every body knows who this accuser is besides me. Someone give me her name please since its public knowledge.

  12. It was no secret. When this story first broke ZNS showed the actual court papers and her name was big and bold on the front of it. That’s what you call “wutless media”.

  13. Boy speculation is lead to some wild stories. Like somebody already said, only Darrold and his accuser know the truth. As far as what role “sissism” played in the saga, Darrold testified in court that he faced heat because he would not allow Erin Green of the Rainbow Coalition on his show to promote her cause. He also accused various management figures at GEMS of being keen on this lifestyle.

    As far as politicians go, this is more of Darrold stroking his ego by suggesting that his show could affect the outcome of the elections.

    I looking forward to Ortland Bodie show today!

  14. Drama King it sound like I was the fly on the wall aye?(lol) Darold suppose to be coming on Ortland Bodie talk show tomorrow, I can not wait to see what he have to say. That should be very provocative!!!!

  15. lol…and they call me Drama King!!! Thanks Kim for the missing pieces of your story. I love it!!…lol

  16. This how I think the sissies and the politics got in the story: It was about 40 days and 40 nights before the election, when Darold decided to discuss homosexuality here in the Bahamas on his talk show. Most of the sissies who tuned into show that day were not impressed at all. They in turn contacted one of their sissy politician pal and they told him something needs to be done with Miller. They requested to have him taken off the air; because they could not afford to have him on national radio talking bad about them, after all the progress they have made in this country. The sissy politician promises them he would handle it. This is when the politician contacted Gems Radio Station and spoke with Management. Well, the politician was then invited to attend a private meeting in the Board Room and this is when Gems told him about their plans to get rid of Darold without paying him a cent. The politician asked, “Who are we going to get to say Darold sexually harassed them?” Gem assured the MP we already taken care of that part. We have someone here, who used to live with Darold and she is prepared to testify against him, so they call her in the room and she assure the MP that she would be willing to testify that Darold sexually harassed her. She said, “This is what he gets for wasting my damn time!” Now you see this is how the sissies and politics got in the story (lol).

    Drama King you wanted to know the full story, here it is. Now laugh you head off!!

  17. Only one woman for me too, Gofer. The time for sugar dippin’ is long gone. Things too scarey out there these days. These gals out there be all sexy and loaded with AIDS.

    No one knows the real story of Darold and that girl besides Darold, the girl and God. Kim your story sounds good, but you must fit in the sissies and politics. Its back to the drawing board for you, Kim…lol

  18. That’s a nice story. But we can only speculate. That’s why people nowadays should stop sugar dippin’ Look like everyone want a piece a leg. What happened to rightousness man. These fellas these days even the married ones want action. I love my wife so much I will never cheat on her. Plus every gal ya see might be lookin saucy but at the same time might be drippin with aids. Who will be Daryl’s next sugar dip. How nasty is it gonna get. How many women ya need man. Thank God I have come to my senses. Only one woman for me.

  19. This is what I think really went down between Darold and his accuser: The girl was impressionable she saw Darold as a powerful figure, someone with prestige and she felt he knew a lot of people. She was thinking he would be a good catch to help her move up the corporate ladder quickly. At first, Darold was only into some fun and games, so he wine her and dine her for a while, then after she rub his head, he started to develop a little feelings for her, so he invited her to move in with him, After moving in with Darold she started to realize things was not happening fast enough for her and Darold had other female friends calling the house all the time. Darold started to see what she was into; he saw her as an opportunist, so he hold back on his wallet and she hold back on freeing up all the time. She also learned that Gem wanted out of the contract with Darold without paying him, so she thought this was a good opportunity for her to get even with him. This is when they started planning to make him a sexual predator. The morale of the whole story is she was using Darold and Darold was using her. Where the sissies and the politicians fit into all of this, I have no idea (lol).

  20. All women need to be encouraged to stand up for themselves and report these sexual predators so they dont strike again.

  21. I refuse to let anybody take advantage of me and get away with it. You could be the president of the United States or the Queen of England, you touch Kim inappropriately the world will know what an animal you are. I am dragging your name through the mud. You might not get lock up, but at least others would have been warned. If they do not believe me; when it happens to them, they can not say nobody told me. I don’t believe Darold did what they say he did though and I am not trying to find out. I know one thing, you can not pay me sufficient monies to catch a ride with him or be anywhere isolated with him.

    I am not covering up for nobody. Especially, if the person who attack me suppose to be someone of prestige, as soon as I catch myself their name will be posted all over the internet, I will be doing interviews; seeking book deals and If I could get my story on Life Time that would be good to. If you do not want me to talk you better kill me when your finish.

  22. YES.I agree that you must tell someone right away. Drama King… do you think high profile members of society go to jail? I think they don’t. Unless our judicial system changes its hard…. Everybody knows everybody.

  23. Fpo.lady, my only advice to women/young girls is to tell someone immediately. Dont keep it to yourselves. The possibility is that it can be ignored but on the other hand maybe that person will be brought to justice. Nothing beats a failure but a try.

  24. And your mother is correct. Unfortunately, it is not that simple, because it doesn’t have to be your employer. It could be someone who has the hots for you and you don’t share the same feelings. But you care and trust them. My friend told me she was molested when she 11 until 15 by her sister’s husband. He gave her a std and when questioned about it she told her sister what had happened. Her sister divorced her husband and about 7 years later he died from aids. Luckily my friend never contracted the virus. Today she is married but she still needs a whole lot of counselling.

  25. My mother always taught me not to mix business with pleasure. This scenario never works, either you will loss your respect you had for them or they will loss the respect they had for you or both.

  26. Fpo.lady and Almost a victim, It seems as if Darold Miller sexual harassment case has opened cans of worms. You ladies are have courrage to share your personal experiences; it made us aware of how often women are taken advantage of and abused in our country. I hope the experiences both of you have shared have open the general public eyes to see how these types of circumstance can affect its victims. To often the victims have to live with the shame these sexual predator have inflicted on them; while these sexual predators are glorified. This is the reason why many victims have failed to come forth. Police officers and the court need to be more sympathetic toward the victims and stop making them feel like it’s their fault, these predators took advantage of them.

  27. She was supposedly living in his house and driving his car so “go figure”. Some of these girls are just too materialistic and forget values. It seems to me she used Darold and then decided she was finished using him so wanted to move on and its likely this is when all hell broke loose-seems to make sense to me.

  28. Gofer you are right. I discourage my staff from dating each other. I dont want no drama on the job. It causes all kind of foolishness and less productivity.

  29. When I saw Darold’s mother with her teary eyes in the newspaper my heart went out to her. I could only imagine what she went through, seeing her child going back and forth to the courts and waiting on a verdict, this is not easy for any parent. I am glad this roller coaster ride is over for her.

  30. The whole relationship thing at work is never good. If he was higher up in the ranks than her why is he messin around with her. Most of the time these kind of relationships turn into a big mess. Stay to yourself while at work man. Keep ya mind on ya work so you will be more productive and less provacative! I think Daryl gettin it mixed up man! LOL

  31. Fpo.lady. You are right though. Maybe nothing would have happened as your assailant was a public figure. Unfortunately thats why people here are taking matters into their own hands.

    I dont have a daughter, but if I did and someone did something like that to her, they would have hell to pay.

  32. Okay MBA… that’s possible, but only GOD KNOWS EXACTLY what went on in that house. Remember we can only speculate.

  33. MBA she lied and was forced by the Radio Station to set Darrold up. They really owe that man money. He had a contract and they was paying him around 80,000 or more. If they had fired him they would have to pay him the remaining years on the contract. They needed a way out. Darrold had a relationship with that woman man. For the fact that they charge him with sexual harassment and take him to court I knew something was up. Why they went after him on a sexual harassment charge and cost the tax payers money. When there are countless sexual harassment complaints from people everyday that don’t even get filed. Something was up. Aint it funny when we are the leading Country in this part of the world with assaults against women and what are the courts doing. Sorry i will wait on an answer. Bogus charges man.

  34. HemiBahama sexual harassment can lead to rape if you are in the right place at the right time for the perpetrator.

  35. Almost a victim, Thanks be to God you didnot get rape.I must say you are truly brave. I am really glad you got some justice. My thing is though do you think you would have gotten justice if this perpetrator was high profile?
    (MP,Pastor,Lawyer,Doctor, Minister etc)

  36. That’s what I’m talking about DIY. If I were Darrold, I would slip humbly into the sunset and carry on with my life. He was lucky this time but something “provocative” will soon catch up with him.

  37. Man yall getting sexual harassment and rape claims mix up. He was not charge with rape. She did not say he rape her. Man i think he was set up.

  38. Drama King the young lady reported it and look what happened to Darrold. The other young lady reported Frasier and nothing happened to him either. GOD IS MY ONLY JUSTICE. It seems like high profile people (public eye)can do no wrong. I am very sorry that that young lady got raped after my attempted rape,but I was too afraid to come forth. Like I said earlier, I didn’t think I would have gotten justice.

  39. Good character? I have first hand info on him myself. His “good character” should be left just where it is right now. Psalms 32 verse 1 says “Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven , whose sin is covered.” Daryl should not push it. I don’t know if he is that blessed. He might end in a place worse than selling conch if he doesn’t chill out. Hey and there aint nothing selling wrong with selling conch.

  40. Fpo.lady, I respect you for sharing your personal experience with us bloggers, someone tried to rape me also, it was one of my brother friend and I fought him off. I was in my room sleeping and my brother went out and leaves his friend in the house with me sleeping. His friend decided to come into my room and lay in my bed, when I woke up I felt him fondling my breast and my panties pull to the side. Well I when into defense mood right away, I started punching, kicking and screaming right away. I burn him with the light on the side of the bed. I had always prepared in my mind what my reaction would be if someone tries to rape me. Anybody walks up on me suddenly, I would normally scream right away. After he sees he was not having his way with me he ran off. Unless you experience this you do not know how embarrassing this is, it was hard for me to decide to go to the police or tell anybody about this. I thought, what if they do not believe me. I even blamed myself, I said maybe it’s the way I walked, maybe it’s the way I dressed or I laugh with him too much. The next day, I finally told my sister and she told me even if I was naked he should have not done this to me. She told me we going to the police right now. My brother wanted me to give him a break, he told me his friend always had crush on me. It was hard for me to decide to go ahead with this because I knew him for a long time and I even liked him, Eventually we ended up in court, he had two high profile lawyers, but he still when to jail for about 6 months. Now he is out of jail and he seems to be living a productive life and he is also married with children, He told me on numerous occasion how sorry he was and I have forgiving him, but we will never be close again. Looking back now, this experience was very embarrassing, especially when I had to go to court and repeat over and over what he did to me in a room full of strangers. I still think I made the right choice.

  41. Fpo.lady. This is awful. You STILL should have reported it. Maybe you could have spared the young lady who went public with his assault on her.

  42. Thanks Monique…. I am only trying to be realistic. Let me tell you why I have come to this conclusion. In the 90’s I went on an interview held by a minister (parliament). As he was interviewing me I notice that he was asking me a whole lot of personal questions about my love life and body. I felt very uncomfortable and had to ask why are these questions necessary. He laughed and moved from behind his desk. Suddenly, he changed the subject and started talking about his family which, I had no interest at all to hear about. All of a sudden, he started massaging my shoulders and I squirmed and shrugged him away from me. I told him to please stop and I got up from the chair. At that time I was only about 115lbs and under 5’2. He was at least 6’2”-4” tall and maybe 280lbs or more. He grabbed me and pulled me over a desk in his office and tried to have sex with me. I kept saying NO No leave me alone I cried and screamed but he kept putting his mouth over mind and holding both hands over my head. He put his weight on my body. I kicked, rooted, twisted, cried, wrestled and everything I could do to get away but I couldn’t. Eventually, after he noticed that I was not entertaining him, and he couldnot make me entertain him, he decided to let me go. I left and felt so embarassed, dirty, abused, words cannot describe the way I felt. I told my best male friend what had happened to me but I didn’t tell him who the person was, and would you believe he told me who the person was? He said you were not the first, and definitely will not be the last. About a month later, I saw in the newspaper a young girl accusing the same minister of raping her and nobody believed her. His defense was she was not hired so she was a woman scorned. This former MP is longer in the public eye. I refused to go to the authorities because (1) who would be believe a well dressed professional businessman, MP, married,Minister who has been in Parliament would attempt rape on a young unemployed high school graduate? (2) Second would people actually believe he would risk his career, family, reputation? Just like the other cases before the courts.(1)Frasier, and now aquitted Darrold Miller. I think I did the right thing when I decided to walk away. I sometimes see this former minister on the road and I think, I know GOD is going to deal with him someday when he least expects it.

  43. This story is very twisted. She should NOT have been living with Darold and something must have been going on between them. I dont know why she should holla “Sexual Harrassment”. On the other hand, I heard Darold has been harrassing women from long time. If I were the judge, I would have thrown this case out of my court LONG TIME. Its too mixed up.

  44. Daryl assumes that ZNS will take him back with open arms. He says that he will help the Goverment to bring a change to ZNS. He was already in that chair and what has he done?

  45. I am a woman who doesn’t believe in cloaking no rapist. To be honest I really do not know Darold other than hearing him on the radio and seeing him on the television. I think it would be presumptuous if he knows to himself he is a sexual predator and he is making statements about who he going after for messing up his good character. To me this is not amusing at all and it would mean he is a pathological liar and he needs some serious help. I never saw him in this light and I will not convict him without proof. Being a woman myself, I feel for the accuser too. I have placed myself in her shoes, I could imagine if something like this was to happen to me and nobody believe me, how hurt I would be. Why her story is so hard to believe is because everybody is saying she was sleeping in the same bed with Darrold and driving his car. When you sleep in a man’s bed who is not relate to you, you should expect something of this nature could happen to you. Let’s get real here. Darrold sexually harassed a little girl aye?

  46. Being found innocent doesn’t really mean you didnot commit a crime. It really means that there was not enough evidence to prove that the person was guilty. It is possible that Darold could have been guilty.. there are plenty innocent people in Fox Hill and plenty guilty people walking the streets! The bottom line is GOD SEES AND KNOWS EVERYTHING AND WHATEVER WE DO IN THE DARK WILL COME OUT IN THE LIGHT. NOW THE VICTIM IS OF COURSE VERY DISTRAUGHT BECAUSE IN HER CASE SHE feels that justice didn’t prevail. None of us knows(except for Darrold and the lady) what took place in that house we can only speculate. BUT LUCKY FOR US GOD KNOWS AND IF YOU FEEL YOU GOT BY DOING WRONG DONOT BE SURPRISE WHEN you are reaping what you have sown. I don’t know who to belive……I know it could have gone either way for me.

  47. HemiBahama, I agree with you and believe that is why Darold win his case. Personally, I was not putting myself in harms way by moving in with Darold to begin with. I hate even being isolated in any room with any man, other than my boyfriend. Men seem to have a very difficult time controlling their urges. Sometimes, I see men walking with their wives and looking at other women the same time like they want get in their pants. I do not know her reason for moving in with him. May she did not have anywhere else to go, so foolishly she took the chance and move in with Darold. That does not give him the rights to take advantage of her. If he felt that he was not going to be able to control himself, he should have not allowed her to move in. In addition, I don’t think women should be abusing men either. Nobody suppose to be abusing anybody.

  48. HemiBahama, I don’t want to start an argument, but are you saying that gives any man in that situation the right to commit rape? What if the victim were a man, or is it a different standard then?

  49. What about women abusing men. She was living with him. You don’t know him personally and you hear rumors about him. She went and live with him so she know what she was doing man, she aint innocent. It go both ways. Sometimes women don’t be the innocent party. What she doing living with her Boss.

  50. Darold Miller may have won this case in our judical system, but there is a final court he would have to face one day. I have a serious problem with men abusing women. Darold if you did this crime, please come clean or your deeds will catch up with you one day. It is never late to tell the truth.

  51. Darrold won this case from the moment they decided to charge him with sexual harassment. Its almost as if they were just just trying to make the victim happy while at the same time making sure that he got off. I could have more seen if they charged him with sexual assault.

    Maybe the harassment charged ensured that he could be released from his contract no matter what the outcome.

    So many stories in our country in recent history are really a lot deeper than they seem on the surface. It seems that everything these days invloves some type of conspiracy.

  52. I’ve heard one or two things about Darold myself. Hopefully this one was not true, as he said.

    Lets see if he is really going after GEMS.

  53. sorry i did not hit spell check Harassment. I know there are some spell hunters on the blog

  54. T.I That girl was living with Darold man and sleeping with him. If she wanted someone to believe her she should of said rape not sexual harrassment. He is right those people at GEMS wanted him gone and did not want to pay him the monies they owed him if they broke his contract. So they needed a reason. T.I go and tell the police that your live in boyfriend sexual harrass you. Big jokes. For people who don’t know the AG role in this matter that go after crimminals not defend them. So the decision is the lost for the AG office.

  55. Kim, I have always heard shady things about Darrold long before this case came up. He has a lot of other “bad habits” and is not the upstanding role model you are making him out to be. Remember that recently he was charged for gambling in one of the hotel casino’s. That aside, he has been found not guilty so justice has spoken and has the final word. He was always home with his family as he was not on remand.

    The A.G., thats another story but don’t worry, deeds always have a way of catching up to you eventually.

    ps. Remember O.J. Simpson? He also said he was going after the persons who really killed his wife. To keep a long story short, mouth can say anything!

  56. no lie that ZNS report was not as hot as the one i heard on STAR 106.5 bey dat was solid bp you should get a copy of that it had more detail man

  57. T.I you never really know anybody, but sometimes you have to use your perception. Darold said this was motivated by politics and he will be going after those persons who try to ruin his good character. If he was guilt do you think he would pursue this any further? He would have been happy to be free and carry his ass home.

  58. You obviously don’t know Darold. This is not the first time and it won’t be his last. Next time hopefully the next woman will have someone give him a good beating.

  59. The Attorney General should not be compared to Darold Miller; women are always complaining about the A.G., this is the only time I have heard anything like this said about Darold. The A.G. is a known predator, that’s what makes the situation different. When the public first hear about these allegations made about Darold, everybody were in shock.

  60. Ohhhhhhhhhh now T.I…..look where you gone!! This another whole conversation now….lol……I heard that the A.G. cant keep his hands to himself too. I heard he always has to explain to someone’s husband why his hand was up their skirt. Why was this man appointed A.G. again?? Someone please tell me.

  61. TJB the court heard the evidences and they found to be him innocent. I never believe he did it. Only Darold and the accuser and God know what really went down, but I will keep believing Darold until otherwise proven. I have always seen Darold has a positive influence to our nations, I just can not visualize him doing something so disgraceful. Anyway, you are innocent until proven guilty.

  62. I een kno bout dis. I say he has some explaining still to do to the public. Many women out there want to know what really happened.

  63. You can not keep a good man down. They wanted to destroy him, but in the end the truth would always set you free. I never believe those accusations, I felt along that it was motivated by money or some set up. Anyone could see Darold look like a womanizer, but never a rapist. They try to take advantage of Darold, I believe he spend plenty money on them and when he stop that is where the problem came in. He looks like he like to spend money on women. They thought they had him corner, but he too smart for that.

  64. Congrats to Mr. Miller. I love his spirit. He is a disciple of good will and a Man who loves his country…

    Hon. Darrold Miller MP 2012. Independent

  65. It is finished!! The battle is over!!! Will Mr. Miller be getting his job back now?

    If not then someone please hire this man. It will be a total waste of talent to have him out at Arawak Cay selling conch salad. Hire him quick and lets listen to some more PROVOCATIVE MATTERS!!

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