DAVIS: For PM Minnis and Symonette a resignation will not resolve his conflicts…


Statement from the Leader of The Opposition On The Resignation of Brent Symonette from the Government

Opposition Leader Philip Brave Davis Q.C. in Parliament.

The PLP welcomes the resignation of Brent Symonette from the Government. It is long over due. He is emblematic of conflict of interest and self dealing in the Government. There are others who need to follow him.

Unfortunately for him and Prime Minister Minnis, the conflicts will not be resolved by simply stepping away from the government, he will remain in the House and will continue to be an influence on the body politic. Further, there must be a complete and thorough investigation and report of all that Mr Symonette has accumulated since his latest foray into the government and whether he can account to the Bahamian people on the issue of self dealing.

Brent Symonette already see the great collapse of the FNM!

We call on the country not to be distracted by this resignation because the light now shines fully on the Prime Minister who led a government full of self dealing and conflicts of interest. We will address these matters more fully at my press conference on Tuesday